During An Interview

I saw a person's aura for the first time. He was asking me questions when suddenly I was seeing something that looked like sun flares jumping at the top of his head. I was so amazed with this that I couldn't answer most of his questions. Needless to say I didn't get the position. Though I see auras much more regularly that I'm not that distracted! *giggles*

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I envy people who can do that!

I have seen them as I interview people for positions in my company. Have also seen them frequently coming from my coworkers.

Great! I met a friend I had not seen for a long time and when I came into the coffee shop she jumped up and came to hug me the whole time she spoke to me she was looking around the top of my head and behind my shoulders. When I asked her she said I had a bright yellow almost gold colour above me. When I was in johannesburg with my childhood friend we were watching tv but I was so distracted as on the side of her head was a distinct blue light. I don't know what it meant but she was happy when I told her because she sees spirits all the time.

I am starting to see more than one color. Lol one color on the right side of the head and another on the left. then on by the shoulder and arm or wrist.

Wow - nakibean this is cool. I really would love to be able to do this. I don't even know what I am feeling let alone have the ability to pick up others emotions. This is something I would love to learn to do.

I luckily can CHOOSE when to see them... but I'm mostly one to feel... the person's emotions and intent... And sometimes when something big is coming their way... good or bad. NOT ALWAYS NICE! *straight face* gothere I don't feel guides though. THAT is cool!

I can actually relate to this a good amount. I can feel how other people are feeling. And not ALL the time, but pretty good amount, I can feel if something might happen to therm. Or just in general.

awesome but ill have to be careful with it-ha ha

That's really cool!

Brilliant skill to pick up! well done next time you look see what else you can feel there. I cannot see auras but i can feel ( and sometimes see)the prescence of people's guides.

haloperidol- you should look into it.