I've noticed something strange. My aura, since I've been able to see it (I've been able to see auras for around 4 years now) was always a bright electric blue. Now I've noticed it's changed to a strong violet color. Does anyone know what this means?
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You are indeed a very gifted child. Why can't we see auras and Angels and spirits??????why??????

Everyone can, I'm nothing special. People just don't know how. Everyone's so hardcore focused on the scientific reality of things nowadays that they're too afraid to open their minds and explore the spiritual side of things.

Hi PM, how r u doing? How was your weekend? I have been reading that people have encountered Angels in angelic form..do u agree with them? I'm 50/50 on it. Also about auras I tried mirror gazing but I saw whole bathroom in aura.. And my face was creepy.lol

Hey! I'm doing well enough, thanks. I've had a friend who said she's seen apparitions as well. Maybe they have maybe they haven't. I can't see any reason why it would be impossible for them to appear. I guess it would depend on the person and situation. I personally have never seen anything except in meditative visions.

Lol on the mirror gazing thing. That's actually how I learned! It said to place your hand against a white piece of paper and then stare at it and that's when I first noticed my aura, then I did mirror gazing after that, but yeah due to optical illusions and all that if you stare at yourself too long in a mirror derealization occurs haha. Don't give up!

Also if it helps I can only see auras if I'm zoning out and very relaxed. If I try too hard or am very focused I don't see anything. It's about calming myself and allowing the energy to reveal itself to me. Keep that in mind I guess.

While in meditative state do you judge your visions as realistic or your imagination? I meditate and my imagination takes me elsewhere to movies or some fantasy. I never end up to angelic realm. Now I have been trying lucid dreaming and invoking angels in my dream...

Hmm I'm not sure what they are. Sometimes it seems like fantasy and sometimes it seems so real, like I'm seeing other places. I've actually accomplished remote viewing a couple times, if you know what that is. For example once while meditating I suddenly got a clear image of our front door with some of our neighbors at it. About 10 seconds later the doorbell rang and all the neighbors I had "seen" at the door walked in! It was very strange haha.

I've been naturally lucid dreaming since I was about 8 but I have no idea how to help other people do it, sorry. The only things I've ever made contact with in dreams were demons or other dark entities that invaded so be careful. Usually when I call out to God or anything I get too excited and wake up. Maybe you'll be able to do it once?

Actually come to think of it I did have a couple dreams where an angel visited me. It had many red wings and very piercing, frightening eyes. It come to me again in a separate dream later. It actually froze the whole rest of the dream to talk with me. What it told me was upsetting and weird though so I'd rather just think of those as dreams than actual visits.

Wow I can only daydream about this things... I try and try and try but can get any of those. Still I will try, though I was once fascinated by synchronicity that I asked the angels to answer my prayer with a peacock sign and the next day I saw peacock logo without me looking at the sign. It just was as if looking at me...lately I have been spiritual looking for GOD angels higher self and my life purpose. All this I learnt through searching for GOD, well I have found wisdom as well and truth to some extent. But I m so keen on meeting angels or guided spirit, when I talk to people like you I kind of feel relieved and start to believe there are indeed Angels and GOD otherwise so many people won't be lying what they have felt and seen!!! People who try to sell their stuff by acknowledging that they are mediums I m skeptic about them....

There are SO MANY fake psychics out there. I have had experiences with two different psychics before, one who I believe was real and the other who wasn't and here is why.

-one psychic had a stage name of "Ms. Crystal" (stage names are a dead giveaway of phonies), the other psychic used her real name because she had no reason to hide

-one psychic charged an exorbitant fee for Palm reading alone, and when she read my palm she really told me nothing about myself that I didn't feed her first, the other psychic charged 5 bucks for a full tarot card reading, (where Ms Crystal charged about 70) and Palm reading was free. Through the palm reading she spent nearly 30 minutes on each hand going in depth about each of our pasts details that we were very surprised she knew. In addition she told us a bit about our spirit guides and how to reach them. Then for the tarot cards she told us things about our future that ACTUALLY HAPPENED later on. It was fantastic.

-Ms. Crystal told me that I had a "blockage" in my crown chakra and that I should come back to her to get it fixed for 90 DOLLARS a session. For an absolute bogus procedure. She ran her own shop, vs the other psychic who just worked out of a bar on certain weeknights. She was a lot harder to find because she didn't advertise her services or anything, we just ran into her.

Just...be wary. And don't give up on your journey! It's a very exciting one to take :)

Nice experience though... The other psychic did teach you how to reach out to your guided spirit?? Can you teach us that method if you don't mind??

Well it was more like she acknowledged that I had a female guide around me (which I already was aware of at the time) and she told one of my other friends that he had a male guide attempting to reach out to him and that he should try to explore spirituality more. He admitted he had just gotten into meditation and she said his guide would take him further if he reached out to him.

So she didn't mention any specific methods except meditation and reaching out mentally I suppose.

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