Aura Reading

Getting aura readings is fairly pointless because certain aspects of your aura change by the minute so most aura readings are superficial. If you get a Kirilian auric photograph taken then wait 5 minutes, clearing your mind of all other thoughts then have the photo taken again, you will see that your aura has gone from mulitcolored to all white.

The aura is spherical or to be more exact, obloid, and it has many layers. Different layers or areas indicate different aspects, so for example, a dark red color over the left shoulder in the second layer indicates anger whereas a dark red in the outer lower left area indicates a blockage or perhaps a tumor in the lower abdomen. 

Also the quality of the colors is important in determining the meaning: the brightness, paleness, dullness or darkness of them.

It's the physical layer that remains the most static until the condition or disease clears up. The spiritual, emotional and mental layers tend to flow and change from moment to moment, except for those which are deep-seated, habitual or chronic. These are seen more as textures than colors, for example a hole or rip shows a deep loss . Tears, lumpy areas, worn-thin areas, cross-hatching, tentacles, small spiky spheres indicate other things.

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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I see auras straight away when I look at my hand I see colours like green which means animal lover probably true because I was with a cat before.when I see other peoples auras I see it straight away.

No it is not the same size. Sometimes i seemore than one color in different areas of the body. Dunno what it means though.

Is everyones aura the same "size"?

Wow! You certainly are knowledgeable on this subject. It is a fascinating area - I've often wanted to have my aura photographed. Now I realise it is just a "moment" in time. . .!