A Friend

i had a really good friend on ep and we live 100 miles away,so the region is similar and events here in the deep south.isaac and katrina being two and i was dropped,wonder why?nothing inappropriate that is for sure.if you think you are close and having fun back and forth,keep in mind that this can and will happen to you.just like losing a in person friend.has this happened to you?
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

thank you for your wisdom as i was close to onei hoped no jeaulosy from wife as there was nothing but frienship.took my 13 yr old dog tovet and he is dying.i have no kids and my rescues,i become mom.heart and rectal cancer.small dogs are prone to rectal.if dr.operated he has to take muscle and would leave no control on bowels.now on meds for heart and he said about 9 mo left but we are looking at quality over quanity.make him comfortable.then my sisters dog and the gator.well ,hope i can count on you to share with.maybe i latched onto you from day one.i learn from your perspective.my perspective has not changed in yrs.and that being if one hails themselves as a christian over acts,better turn and flea!!