Quite a while back, I was watching on Nat Geo the different eating habits of the world. Well, this was shocking to say the least. It showed a man who had used an animal hook/circle to catch a cat. There was a pot of boiling water and it showed him throwing the cat into the boiling water ALIVE. I was struck dumb. My husband said, we're not watching that, knowing how I am about animals. Since then, I have seen people eat brains of animals, testicles. You name it, they eat odd body parts of different animals. I asked myself why. I still do not know. If they grow pigs, chickens, and/or cows, why not run down to the store and grab up some beef or chicken.Or if you live on a farm, why not raise more pigs, chickens or something. Why eat snake or some strange part of an animal. I knew they ate cats and dogs in Vietnam. My first husband did his tour of duty in that useless war and knew they ate cats and dogs. But, wait, he said he once saw an elderly Vietamese man scale a palm tree to eat baby mice whole and uncooked. Sad, but true. I do not understand this behavior at all.
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Well, all cultures have different habits for different things. This is something I heard said either by the Dalhi Lama or a Monk of the same faction. He said that the reason our world was becoming so mean and angry is that we are consuming anger. He stated that the animals which are slaughtered for consumtion are treated so inhumanely that they are angry. I am sure you are aware of the manner in which most animals are treated. No kindness, just produce, produce, produce. Jammed in tight quarters with no way to turn around, chickens are to lay eggs until it's time to slaughter them and they are not treated kindly or humanely in death. I saw an under-cover vidieo of chicken plant workers stomping the chickens to death, or throwing them against a concrete wall to kill them. All the while laughing. The Monk said that we are consuming the anger of the animals and therefore we are becoming a meaner, more angry people. I eat very little meat. I always think about how did this animal die when I eat a piece of meat. Perhaps I am too idealistic and uninformed as to the world's situation, but I lived on a farm and when a chicken was killed to be eaten, it was done quickly. I have seen this done and did not like watching it as a child, but I saw it. Thank you for your comment. I respect most all opinions. Thanks again, Callalilly

I'm vegetarian and don't eat fish, meat or poultry, I use 'veggie geletine' in cooking, I use jelly crystals to make jelly (geletine meat type in solid jellies), I cannot eat pick and mix sweets as there is beef geletine in them. However, although an ideal world for me would be everyone as veggie I'm realistic enough to know it won't happen; so, to me it's not the fact that animals (any animals are eaten), it's how they are killed. And when it comes to sheer cruelty and torture - don't get me started! In Korea they eat dogs and cats, I won't go into details suffice to say they believe the more pain and terror inflicted on an animal the better the meat will be. You can imagine the rest for yourselves.

Yes, I do understand what you say. I rarely eat fish or meat. I NEVER eat lamb, or veal. To kill humanely is one thing, but to butcher and club an animal to death without compassion is wrong. I have watched Whale Wars on Animal Planet and saw some heart rending scenes. Watch the documentary "Cove". I could not get through it. Much like the baby seals, it made me hurt. You have explained in a very educated and anthropoloical manner the reason for such consumation. I know you know how I feel. I still hurt for the deaths of the innocents. Thank you for your very wll written commentary.

Dear Callalilly, <br />
I am a dog lover - I've been surrounded by them all my life - and although I don't have a cat I think they make good companion animals. But I'm also a biologist and a vegetarian, and to me, eating 'some strange part' of an animal makes perfect sense.<br />
I am not, for one second, condoning the killing of any animal in such a cruel and barbaric way as to throw them live into a pot of boiling water, yet if Gordon Ramsay does so with a lobster, he is heralded as a great chef...<br />
The real issue is that, as we are human and therefore can only know the world through our eyes and through our experiences (as individuals, cultures, races), we have this massively overinflated opinion of what our place is in this world. <br />
Your husbands vietnamese friend needs to eat, and if uncooked mouse is what he has access to I can only hope that (1) he killed it swiftly to avoid prolonged pain, or what humans might term 'misery'; and (2) that he wasted as little of it as he could. I suspect his need was so great that he picked those little bones very clean. <br />
In fact, the man's actions in this case resemble those of every (other!) animal in our kingdom when they fight to survive in this race of life. 'Natural selection', 'survival of the fittest', kudos to you, Darwin, well done big man. Shame most of your fellow species still aren't listening...<br />
The flipside of this massive and sad coin is in fact best studied in some of vietnam's close neighbours, with the cruel and unnecessary shark-finning trade. Now if you want to talk about animal cruelty, that's probably at the highest (or lowest, depending on your point of view) end of the spectrum. <br />
Sharks, and in fact nearly all fish, be they bony, cartilaginous, ray-finned, flat, long thin wiggly slow fast...etc, need to swim to breathe. The flow of water over their gills provides them with the oxygen they cannot take in to their lungs in air (most fish have no lungs) and allows them to respire and survive. Then some dirty great boat comes along, luring the biggest, most ancient group of species of them all towards the killing fields using bloody bait which these amazing fish can detect kilometers away, and reels them into the boat by sinking hooks into their sides, fins and sometimes even eyes. These sharks are then 'finned' - how little harm that 6 letter word conjures up; how easily we manage to mask this cruelest of trades - and thrown back into the water. At a conservative estimate, 95% of the edible parts of the fish are wasted; that's just bad economics. Then the fish sink, drifting down to the sea bed often tail-first, and slowly (maybe painfully; no one yet knows for sure) they drown in their own medium. <br />
Now that is cruel. And senseless. In every single way.

I really can't understand why somebody would cook/eat an animal alive. It is so cruel.