I "love" People Like You...

... complaing about the "poor" cats and the "horrible" Chinese eating something that doesn`t fit with your own cultural understanding of right and wrong but have no problems eating cows, pigs, ducks,...
Do you have any idea how clever pigs actually are?
People are either horrible for eating animals then become a vegitarian or people like meat. But people like you are just phonies lacking the necessary intellectual capability to firstly understand different cultures and secondly understand yourself.

Most importantly: it is nearly impossible to get catmeat in Shanghai and even in most other places in China. I myself tried Dog-meat which I cannot recommend since its quite hard to eat. It is however in no way different than other meat. If i would cook that for you and not tell you, you would not be able to recognize it - i promise.
Nematry Nematry
26-30, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Wtf?? Why did you eat the dog ????!