I See Clowns


I had only been in rural Florida a week when this bizarre episode happened. Early one morning there was a knock on the front door. I got up to answer it since no one else was getting up.  This was a Sunday and I was surprised any one would be coming around (this is a Bible belt state after all).  The dog is barking her head off, so I go to the window and look out.  What do I see?? Two clowns.

  That's right CLOWNS with grease paint on their faces and garish clown outfits with the great BIG black shoes.  I stood frozen at the window staring into the eyes of the clowns who were staring back at me.  The dog was still bouncing around barking which prompted my adult daughter to come shuffling out in her robe and furry slippers (this is her house).

       "Who is it?" she croaked.

       "I don't know," I stammered, "some clowns."

My daughter turned around and started back toward her room.

           "Oh, it's just the church people," she said over her shoulder.

   Ok, all sorts of things were going on in my mind.  What chuch is it 'The Devine Church of Clowns'? Do they have a clown preacher? Do they have an all clown choir?  I didn't get a chance to ask because when I looked up they were gone. 

    Later that day my daughter explained to me that the 'saintly' clowns come each Sunday to ummm "convince"  the kids to go to church.  If I'd been a kid I'd have been terrified.  It was a lot like Stephen Kings movie "It".  




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2 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Being British we already have this established view towards clowns. I can't even believe that someone would think it would be a perfect way to celebrate their faith. Granted a little out of the ordinary, but WHY CLOWNS?!?! The two shouldn't really go to together. Clowns belong in a circus, NOT the church!

My god im so glad i don't live near you!! Clowns are my biggest fear ever n im 21 so how would it encourage children to go to church!! I would be scared to death to step outside let alone in a church in fear they would come back!!!