Context Hidden In Detail

I think the main reason I see context in situations that others miss, because I have traveled the world, I've seen other cultures, I've seen different forms of etiquette, different patterns of tone and inflection, different posture, gestures, and stances as expressions of body language.


There is also my brief exposure to linguistics, I've actually seen maps of my country defining dialect regions. I have seen examples of meaning lost to changes in spoken language and cultural norms.

For example the phrase "God helps them that help themselves" originally meant what we would now phrase as "God has helped those that help themselves"


And the simplest of examples, the movie "the graduate" and the movie "Bram Stokers Dracula".


In the graduate there is a scene where the lead character is told one word of advise about the future 'Plastics' the time that scene was meant to imply the older generation was out of touch, plastics weren't natural, they just didn't get "the movement".


In Bram Stokers Dracula, the doctor had been a competitor in the courtship of the character Lucy, there is a scene where her husband expressed his desire to be there for her during her treatments, as she must be in great agony with her moans and groans he hears. She was being treated for hysteria and the treatment in that day and age was ************, the belief being that the condition was due to an imbalance in 'humors' and women being particularly susceptible. The doctor was cast in a situation of guilt, grief, lust, and love-loss torment. 

There is sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally hidden details, that shift the context and meaning of a given situation, historical account, or parable. I have never been close to anyone else that was aware of the slightly bigger picture. I have been very close to several people that simplify everything and anything down to a cartoonish level.

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The only context I tend to see more than others is usually religious, historical, and political... I would really like to broaden that perception...

I am guilty of oversimplification. I hate it. It's the curse of studying physics at an engineering school... Sometimes, I wish I could have gone to a liberal arts school and spent more time with people who studied other languages.

What's wrong with cartoons? Lol. You're right there is a much bigger picture out there and I believe many people just don't know how to see it, or they are just scared to see it. <br />
I have not traveled the world or much for that matter, but, By listening, looking, and reading I know that there is much much more out there.<br />
I tell me children to live life, to take advantage to everything they can. Life is more than what is right in front of them. Keep their eyes, ears and minds open.<br />
I have moved back to my home town after being away for 18 yrs. It's amazing on how simple minded people can be and not seeing the whole picture.