Dandelions are flowers, and they are what most people consider to be weeds. There is nothing better than walking through the woods, looking not only at the animals and insects, but the so-called weeds as well. When most people get dandelions in their yard, they use herbicide to get rid of them. Why? They certainly look better than the grass itself does. That brings me to a pet peve of mine. Why do many people mow their grass, and then put fertizer on it? And bag up the dead grass? Leave the God-damned dead grass on the lawn and they won't have to fertilize it artificially. The same goes for dead leaves. Leaves and grass and plants are all Nature's natural fertilizers. And life goes on.
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Very interesting.

I'm with you Ian :) I love my bright and cheerful yellow dandelions. They are also healing. I had a wart on my finger and applied the milky juice when i ripped open a leaf onto the wart and it was the only permanent cure i ever had for that ailment. God's miracle. I have been experimenting with grinding the leaves into a paste for a poultice with a mortar and pestle. Too soon to tell if it works for healing other types of skin ailments but i will give it some time :) They have a special place in my landscape and always will. I love them. they make me happy :) xox

Thank you, too.

I've always loved Dandelions...they are flowers to me :)

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:) I agree ^^,

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wonderfully said :)

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I couldn't agree more!! about the dandelions and the weeds! :)