Dandelions Can Tell If You Like Butter

thats what my sister would say when she held the yellow flower under my chin. if you can see yellow there on the throat that means you like butter she explained. the sunlight would always make a golden glow on my skin reflected off the dandelion. i learned about all the flowers in the woods and fields around where i grew up from my eldest sister. i never thought much about gardening, ever, until i moved into my first house and it came with a perennial garden. im not the kind of person to go out and get books or investigate on the internet before i start a new project. im very hands-on. i got my crappy shoes on and just pulled out things from the beds that i knew were weeds but there were so many i wasnt sure of. i let them grow a while and decided whether or not to pull it out after i saw what it grew into. i ended up with a lot of plants people would call weeds. but i just couldnt pull them up. i had an area at the back where i let the dandelions live and they lived! i grew the biggest dandelions youve ever seen. when they turned white i would take the top off so they wouldnt spread everywhere.  i also grew clover in an area under a birch tree and it was so beautiful and delicate looking. tiny yellow and white flowers that looked stunning in the spring. one neighbour asked me if i was growing it to eat. apparently its good. after 15 years my garden became quite extraordinary. i got a number of compliments on it. it was wild and beautiful to me.
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I love this story, Clarkee. I think it was wise to let some of the "mystery" plants grow for awhile. Perennials often resemble weeds, especially with their wonky bloom times. One of the best things about a garden is the surprises, weeds and all. Always an ever changing and growing place.

I think it's interesting that different growing zones consider some plants weeds, while a prized bloomer in another area. I had this experience with daisies. A favorite for some, a pain in the *** for me. I spent 3 yrs. yanking them out of my beds, reseeding everywhere.

After 15 years, I bet your garden is extraordinary! Now, you can never move. :-)

thank-you lilt! i did move, and i miss my garden. happily though i think the new owners of that house enjoy it as well as i did. when i drove by there one time they hadnt changed anything, the garden is still wild and beautiful.

Do you have a new garden, Clarkee?
You are lucky the new owners appreciate your work. Most people want a "landscape," not a garden.
One of my friends has to move, she is having a hard time parting with some of her plants. I'm going to help her dig some of them up!

it's a good idea to dig some up when you move. it never even crossed my mind. at my new house i have a small garden on my postage stamp front lawn. the back is practically all deck. i have taken up potting plant gardening and i have lots of pots. thanks Lilt.

Hi i was reading your story brought back memories of the dandelions putting them under our chins and saying you like butter. Thanks for reminding me of that memories

thats nice that you have similar memories. thankyou for commenting,

thank you very much both of you. i really miss my garden.

Beautiful story, clarkee! The best gardens -like the best people!- are a combination of the wild and the cultivated!

Lovely! I really enjoyed reading your story and appreciate your love for wild nature. Keep enjoying!<br />
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Lovely! I really enjoyed reading your story and appreciate your love for wild nature. Keep enjoying!<br />
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