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As far back as I can remember i knew something was different.. I did not think or react as others and always thought outside the box. So as I grew older I began to think more and more outside the box, which is hard when you work in a structured world.( like medicine) I. connected with "weeds", those strong, intrusive plants that gardeners hate.

I wrote a book on "weeds" to signify what I have observed over the years regarding the comparison and similarities of weeds versus flowers... In order to have a garden, we need the butterflies, bugs, birds, flowers and weeds. to feed off each other. What we take care of, and in what order, and amount of passion is up to us.. BUT remove any one of these components and we have no garden.

Some are flowers...some are weeds..I chose the weed....The definition of a weed is any plant considered troublesome, useless,or unattractive,especially one growing freely where it is not wanted,as in a garden or other cultivated ground..... 
Flowers and weeds, both grow in soil and need the sunlight and rain, however if conditions change, the flower will die BUT the weed will live on. You can pull it out,you can poison it  but the weed is a strong willed plant and will return time and time again, sometimes it will even grow in a crack in the sidewalk...hopefully now you can see why I relate to the weed.....
Many of us are survivors in one shape or form in our life, but we can't let it consume us.If we choose to live as a weed we can overcome any obstacles,we let nothing stand in our way . Whether you choose to put your roots in the crack of the sidewalk or in the garden with the flowers, reach for the sky and stand proud  as your blosssoms are just as beautiful... and most people wouldn't know the difference between a "flower" and a "weed" anyway..
The beauty is  in the eyes of the" grow" with it..weed by choice....kjforce
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I would love to read your book!<br />
<br />
I am very familiar with the strength and determination of a weed :-)

find book
enter name of book My life as a weed..and weeds(words) to live bylet me know how you liked the book..kj

Glad you enjoyed my story..have you checked out some of my others..?

Once again, i love the story. *smile* I totally relate. lol... just i am a weed...i say that proudly too!<br />
I tried to write a story like this but with soul-soil... what is good for one is good for the other, in preparation of planting seeds.<br />
Thanks, i enjoyed.

Nicely expressed :) Thanks for sharing this.

To everyone who commented ..I wrote a published book.."My Life as a WEED..and weeds (words) to live by" you can find it @ is my reflections on life and the choices,decisions and consequences we make in life ( hence the garden) It has NOTHING to do with gardening!!!<br />
I hope you will read it..The story of a survivor......please if anyone reads the book,please send me comments on your thoughts of the book..thank you..weedbychoice..kjforce

Oh Literaturegirl... these weren't lil old daisies, they were seedlings of these monster daisy BUSHES.<br />
<br />
I've never seen such an innocent looking virulent plant. I initially uprooted four adult ones from a hedge using a mattock (which has since filled in and recovered), plus a grand daddy one from the backyard.<br />
<br />
But I spent months and months afterwards pulling innumerable seedlings until they were all gone! The little seedlings don't take long to send a woody taproot straight into the ground and get hard to pull out.<br />
<br />
I've another problem now though... one escaped and has grown into an adult in the bush land behind the house :( I have to uproot that sucker before it starts spreading like crazy.<br />
<br />
A lot of "weeds" here are introduced species, but you're right... natives can flourish.

Clever anology, but you've never had a monster weed in your garden, have you? :)<br />
<br />
I swear, I lost count of how many tiny daisy bush seedlings I plucked out of my backyard in one session after 100.<br />
<br />
Weeds earn their title as nuisance plants because of their growth and propagation advantages... they generally grow faster, taller, and deeper than more desirable plants, and have genius strategies for spreading their seeds.<br />
<br />
So some of them may be pretty... tell that to farmers and native plants.