It Could Be Worse ????

We all wonder sometimes could it get any worse ? We are in a relationship where we ask ourselves am I doing it wrong ? What's am I missing? Our significant other appears to have changed overnight, who is this stranger I am living with ? Stop blaming yourself you haven't done anything wrong….it’s called RETIREMENT….

Before my husband retired he was a workaholic and never had time to stop and smell the roses, however all that changed when……
he retired.. all he talked about was relaxation…sipping a cool drink on the porch.. doing all the things he hadn’t had time for.. like.. planting a vegetable garden, getting the yard in shape and building feeders for the birds and wildlife. He started his list of things to do, that took a couple of weeks. Then he purchased some books on gardening and designing the perfect no maintenance yard. A month later with information abound he set out to buy seeds, starter pots ,tools and all the supplies he would need. That took about 3 days of shopping at the local Lowes. Next he measured off the area for a vegetable garden and rototilled that took a week. Finally he planted the seeds and set up a watering system (you turn the sprinkler/hose on).

The next project was to put bird feeders throughout the yard, so off to Lowes again, oh and twenty pounds of birdseed .Mulch the driveway was next, then place fencing around the well pump

( we live in the country)

All this was accomplished. in 4 months ….that was last year..

We never got any vegetables ,he forgot to sprinkle everyday

(due to resting the eyes) , 2 out of 6 planned birdfeeders made it out of the barn, the others are in various stages of completion,.. .

Oh and the squirrels found the seed in the barn and took up residency for the winter.

The mulch did make a great jumping hill for the grandchildren and the fencing around the well. .well it's still next to the well. And yes we have a real no maintenance garden..

These days hubby spends time sitting outside reading his garden books, eating vegetables from the market, walking to the end of the driveway and getting the paper , and taking naps, kidda like the dog, he's retired too…


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2 Responses May 30, 2011

Wonderful story, i like your style of writing. I smiled all the way through it. First story of the morning, nice way to start the day. Thanks for sharing. *smile*

thanks for the comment...deeply appreciated...weedbychoice