My Favorite Flower

When I was a little boy my mom and I were visiting my elderly great aunt who lived near by. As we prepared to leave my mom and aunt stood on the lawn and continued their conversation for quite a while. To pass the time I wandered around the yard picking dandelions. By the time we left I had a huge bouquet that I gave to my aunt as an expression of affection. To my surprise she didn't want them! The adults thought nothing of throwing away the pretty flowers, but I was hurt by their actions. But I was young and easily got over it.

To this day I still love dandelions. They are easy to grow. You can always pick as many as you want without anybody getting mad at you. They are fun.... you can blow the seeds off the stem. How can anybody not love dandelions? They are still my favorite flower.
soledesperado soledesperado
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2 Responses Oct 8, 2011

My yard is full of them most of the time. The chemical yard guy at the neighbors house wanted to talk to me about them and how to treat them. I told him I liked them! I'm not poisoning my yard.

I agree with you completely, even as a adult I cannot help but to blow off the seeds of a dandelion<br />