Dandelion Don't Tell No Lies

"...Dandelion will make you wise..." - The Rolling Stones

When I was not quite a year old, my parents were living in Sarnia, (Ontario, Canada) where they had a house right on the lake.  Not far from this house was an empty field that would burst, periodically, into dandelion bloom, with tall stalks and fat, puffy yellow flowers.  My parents decided to plunk me down in the middle of the field so that my dad could take my picture.  It is one of the only photos of myself that I really like.  It is a funny picture because it looks like I might drown in a sea of dandelions, I was so tiny compared to the tall stalks.  Also, I have a very pensive look on my face (already contemplating the many questions of life), not to mention a huge mop of light brown curly hair (my hair got darker as I got older).  I don't know if my experience with dandelions has made me any wiser, but I still consider them flowers more than weeds.

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<3 you should try them in tea. Yum.

In France they are still called ****-en-lit, apparently!


Yes ..edible but rather bitter...I believe that they are even cultivated in parts of France...or have I got that wrong?<br />
Dandelion coffee is made from the roasted ground root I think, not tried it though....

I think people regard them like weeds because after they stop flowering, the broad leaves get bigger and bigger and spread wide. The roots are deep too. At that stage, they can really mess up the look of a velvety lawn as they crowd out the grass. However, besides for the sight of pretty yellow flowers and the fun of puffing fluffy, floaty seeds, I think (but I might be wrong) the whole damn plant is edible, roots, leaves, flowers and all. And super nutritious to boot.

Guess what I've been doing just now........I've just been digging up dandelions by the barrow full in our garden.....but as there's about 5 million more....I hope I'm forgiven, they are beautiful and I admire them tremendously! Just trying to get things a bit more balanced though!!!;-)<br />
When I was a young girl it was rumoured that if you picked them you'd wet the bed......

Butter! That's right!<br />
<br />
Lol. That certainly turned out to be true :)

I really think in the right amounts, they truly add a lot to a yard. I would laugh at the people who feel the need to poison them, if poisoning the earth was a laughing matter.

It's funny how lawn folk don't realize they're using chemicals.

I used to hold them under my chin, to see if the yellow reflected on my skin. If it did, it meant I was going to have children or something. I can't even remember--some game we used to play. I've always loved them--they are too bright and cheerful to be weeds.

and when you break the stalk, don;t they bleed something like milk?

I think what are termed weeds generally get a bad rap. And I can't believe people poison their yards trying to get rid of the weeds. Despite the best that people can throw at them, weeds are strong and continue to thrive. They grow many place, under many conditions, where "normal" plants can't grow.<br />
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Did you read Dandelion Wine?

Same here! They remind me of being a little kid too. I love the way they smell. They seem undeniably flower like to me. Good memories, great story:)