THE Flowers of My Heart

Dandelions are beautiful and I love when my little nephew is in my yard and comes running up with a "special bouquet" for Auntie Jaycee. Inevitably it is going to contain some of my prized tulips, daffodils, some tall grass, and the dandelions from the yard.  He always gets this huge boyish smile on his face when I say, “Wow Auntie sure loves these.  I like all the different colors you picked.  You know these are my favorite flowers so far.”  I always make a big deal of letting him pick out one of my “special” vases for them and then we will arrange water and marbles in the bottom of the vase and place the flowers INCLUDING the dandelions in the vase.  I then take a Polaroid picture of him with the flowers and we put it on my refrigerator.  He enjoys this and every time he is allowed to come to my home he looks to make sure the pictures are still there.  This year there will be no nephew and there will be no flowers and I am a lot saddened by this turn of events. I will miss my nephew dearly and I know that when walking through my yard I will pick dandelions and take pictures of them and place them on my refrigerator because I hope that someday I will be able to spend a lot of time with my nephew again and I want to be able to show him that Auntie Jaycee didn’t forget and that whether we are able to be physically close or not that I always have him right beside me because I carry him everywhere I go in my heart.  No dandelions are NOT weeds they are the flowers of my heart!




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I didn't say calling me adorable was womanly i said it makes me feel like a kid. I just don't understand what you see at all. I get called many things but they often aren't sweet or adorable. i just don't understand have i ever said anything nice that you can remember? Why do you think i am sweet? <br />
<br />
These are words i would use in a fight. Most people are so boring with their insults i like to make my own and have fun with it. Like aww you are so adorable when you get mad! it is more effective then someone saying you are a ***** or whatever. that is just boring...

Ok I will be in the yard waiting.<br />
<br />
Ar, Well what if I call you handsome? Is that more manly. I mean I know you are a man but to me you are just so sweet and adorable. I adore you my friend.

i feel like such a kid with you calling me adorable and all...

thanks mewold.<br />
<br />
<br />
thanks BB. Want to plant them in my garden?<br />
<br />
Oh Ar, please don't go bc you are too adorable.

wall of text crits arorin for 90k.... "arorin dies"

Pick the flowers and dandlions and put them in vases and remember your loving nephew and when the tears need to flow, let them; but don't drink any of that crap. It is auwfull.

Hugs to you as well

Dandelion wine ..... nice when chilled ... best enjoyed in the plural..... but like nephews day ... gone to quick ...<br />
Hugs .

l've had dandelion tea and it was quite lovely, but no coffee.

Have you had elderberry wine. That is some good stuff.

I've had the salad, but the last time I saw the wine, I was in elementary school, and wasn't invited to try it.

Is dandelion wine good? Wow I had not thought about this story in months. I just re-read it and I teared up just like I did the day I wrote it. I never will forget writing this and then turning and reading it back to my"then EP/RL Boyfriend" and him vowing to try to help me get that relationship back. That seems like an eternity ago. What is even more weird is just as I started typing my comments one of his favorite songs came on my IPOD. ((fungirl wishes that she could escape this man))

And the young leaves are good in salads, and you can make dandelion wine.

What a great story. :)

Thanks Joe'sG.. I do too bc I miss him every day especially now that the weather is turning warm and I think about all the fun little boy outdoor things we used to do every summer.