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Great Food, Too

I actually just ate some yesterday, for free, from my yard (I don't use fertilizers and pesticides on the lawn – don't take them from anywhere you don't know whether or not the ground's been treated with chemicals in any way, and always wash what you pick thoroughly). Half my family's Pennsylvania Dutch, and dandelions pop up in some pretty old-school recipes, like as the base of salads (the greens are traditionally served with a vinegary hot bacon dressing, sweet onions and tomatoes), and the flowers themselves can actually be fermented into a surprisingly good alcoholic "wine."

The greens can be very bitter, but they're very much less so if you pick them early, before the plants start to flower. Even if you do pick them later, they can still be quite good in their bitter state when they're paired with a lot of vinegar to balance out the flavor (balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar, and even mustard, if you're putting them on a sandwich, work very well).
lcz415 lcz415 26-30 Apr 23, 2012

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