I Didn't Even Know They Were Weeds For the Longest!!

I always have seen them as flowers, even after I found out technically they are weeds.

I don't care. Like when you find out your best friend did something stupid 7 years ago. Who cares? They're flowers.

HesMyPrincess HesMyPrincess
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1 Response May 17, 2009

Not only beautiffull!<br />
These " weeds" ARE HAVE HEALINGS EFFECTS!<br />
ARE MEDICINAL HERBS (Taraxacum officinalis)<br />
Clean your liver and gall bladder, clean your kidneys and the skin. Are an excelente source of mineral and vitamins!<br />
In Ancient chinnese medicine they use to treat depression with this " weed"<br />
This "weed" is a great "blessing" !