Hi, I See People That Have Passed Over Beside My Bed At Night

Ever since I can remember I have seen people that have passed over in my room at night and so had a fear of the dark, I would sense someone was in the bedroom in the middle of the night and would wake knowing if I looked out I might see someone, I was so worried I slept under the covers, and Im 28yr old  and still do sleep like that :) I dont see people all the time, I just dont know when I will next, the only difference from when I was younger to now is  now I always seem to look, but still get the fright when I see someone standing beside my bed, I usually jump, hit my husband (who never bothers himself to wake up) and with all the panic they disappear again.

I had my first experence just this week that I know of of someone pulling my hair while I slept, I woke 5x time in the night, I finally got tired of the cat standing and pulling my hair (least thats what I thought was happening)  the last time my hair was pulled I went to grab the cat, but he wasnt there.  (I had fallen asleep that night before I had  clothed the house in while light.)

I seen my mother in laws dad (who has passed over)  standing slightly behind and to the right of her in the day time last year, which was great, still gave me a fright but I adjusted faster, I could describe him to her which was great for both of us.

Does anyone know how to let go of the fear? (please note I not only see the good I see the other stuff also so just panic when I sense and see anything) If everything was clouds of white light and came with notice Id be just fine but it dosnt seem to work like that huh :)

It would be so much easier if I only seen them in the daytime :)

Can anyone relate or help in this matter ? Thanks

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I just now had a strange dream that a women was being stabbed buy another I had this from her perspective and could feel being stabbed and as she escaped and was calling for help she realised she was dead then I woke up and I sore a dead little girl standing beside my bed it was very disturbing last week I woke up to see a dead friend who was murdered to years ago .and a few years back I sore another strange man clear as day he looked just like anyone else he stood there for about ten seconds and then just faded away. this always seem to happen as I wake up I don't know if im just going crazy or what but its very unsettling

Yes there are those of us who do have the gift!

I too see dark figures around my bed of all ages............still scary but cope-able............something you just don't talk about to the rest of the world..........doesn't get any easier...............years and years of it......breaks my heart to not know what's going on

I have been seeing dead people since I was in a crib. I don't remember the first time, however my mother told me that she would often hear me talking to someone at about 3, and when she asked who I was talking to I would tell her it was the neighbor (who had died a few months before). I would see them every night.....I saw them as regular people, and for quite a while, I thought they were real people. I don't see them as vividly now as an adult, I see them sometimes as a shadow, or a figure that is somewhat transparent. They sometimes speak to me....words that I hear in my head. I can also speak to them in the same way, just by thought. I guess because I was able to speak to them, they don't frighten me. I consider then to be people.., like you and me, only without a body.

I have been seeing dead people since I was VERY young. It takes everyone diffrent lenghts of time to get over the fear. I am partially over my fear. It just takes time to get used to them just ..POPPING up. You just....get used to it. Your house also might be a portal to the next world.certain places are like that. Don't be scared! It will get easier!