I'm 16 And I See Dead People

I have recently come to terms with my so called gift. i am 16 and I see dead people. at first i tried convincing myself that it was always something else, until one day instead of looking away i scanned the "image" and found myself looking a full figure of a man about 5'7, 230 pounds. when i realized what i was looking at i was 100% terrified! I didn't feel no harm or think i was in danger, deep down this really felt normal for me. then a few days to a week later i was in my living room and got up to grab something and all of the sudden my body froze without me knowing, my body was just overcome with a powerful feeling and soon knew it was energy coming into my body, the feeling is kind of indescribable but it was a tingly sensation. i started feeling like i had all the power in the world, almost as if i could do anything. throughout this whole experience I was stuck, like i just could not move as if someone or something was keeping me there. I told my mom and she believed me, she also had told me that it kind of runs in our family, though she doesn't experience anything close to what i do, she just has occasional premonitions when i have premonitions, see dead people, read people, transfer energy etc. I'm not ashamed of what i have or who i am, i just need sometimes wish i could talk to people that really truly understand what i go through and what i can do. sometimes i feel humiliated or that no one believes me or i feel that people try and rake advantage of my gift and ask me millions of questions.
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I'm with you. I don't let or have my body be taken over though by other spirits.. I talk to and on occasion see them. There was a time when it got too much that I closed that part of my life down as much as I could for a bit.. I had to get on with living my life in the here and now. It's never been as strong as before since.. I consider it a blessing.

Hi. I can channel messages from dead people. It has happened twice or 3 times and I described both here. It is like they take me over - but only in times of great need (or perceived great need), and for people I truly care about. I feel dead myself after it has happened - disconnected, willing to know if the other person truly felt it, and struggling to interact with myself in any normal way because myself was kind of pushed aside for a bit. Do you feel any of those things?

Often times after I communicate or come into contact with spirits, I feel as if I am looking at the world as if I'm on the outside looking in. I have never felt "dead" but drained yes. I tend to treat the spirits like real people, whether that's right thing to do or not. Like I'll see or feel them in hallways and I'll just say excuse me and they sometimes move. I've grown accustomed to who I am and what I do. I'm starting to really love my gift and since I'm an empath I tend to know more about people than they have opened up to me. I think it's funny and cool, when I finally open up to someone and tell them what they're really thinking, just because their facial expressions are priceless!

Thank you. That's truly significant. I didn't know that really happened in the world. I'm not sure if I like it yet, or if it's something you can really like or dislike. But I'm happy to be learning about it. Haha sharing people's real thoughts before they've said it to you, I also feel that sometimes - but I try to rather get them to think sensibly about it and come to their own conclusions...

Thank you.

Just go with the flow and don't try to stop it.