I Need Help, Please.

I am only 16 and I have millions of questions about my gifts, so if you have experienced the paranormal, see dead people on a regular day basis I would greatly appreciate any advise given. I guess I'm really asking for people to reach out and give me advise or tell me how they deal with it or enhance there gift. Don't hesitate to leave a comment or message me, thank you.
dancer4susan7 dancer4susan7
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Maybe this is already late and I don't have any experience about paranormal things..But there's a few things I know about dead people..They doesn't have their place in this world.In my opinion,you could see them because they want to make themselves feel exist in this world.Sometimes I think that dead people always regrets..All of them,including those who suicides.They change their minds in last seconds because they already saw how painful the afterlife..There's a reason why you could see them..Some of them need help from you,help them to rest in peace because the world is not their place.They just linger around because they won't accept the fact that they already dead.Some of them just want to play around and some of them want to make their way back to this world. Sorry because I can't provide any good advise...just my opinion..