I didn't feel that I was actually asleep, I only closed my eyes and in my darkness, an image of this 'body' just appeared out of nowhere. The body looked as if it could have been either male or female(unisex), with casual (blahhh) clothing on. The face was just staring at me and started to transform into many different people. Changing faces every second.Some faces were female and some male. Ages of the faces were all different too.Looked as if it were people from different eras, centuries even. Arranged from child to adult. Most all the faces just stared at me, almost like they were trying to figure me out, or wanted to reach out to me. I opened my eyes back up and was really taken by what had happened behind my closed eyes. I can't understand what the vision meant, and why I had this vision while wide awake behind closed eyes. Can anybody explain what was happening? I'd sure love to get a clue about it...

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I can't explain it but maybe what you were experiencing goes back to what is called the Akasha Records. The Egyptians used to practice it its a form of meditation where they believed that they could go back in their subconscious and see their past lives.

Let me correct your name, I spelled it Duane, and it should have been Duana. Sorry about that ;)

Thank you Mike and Duane,<br />
I really appreciate your taking the time to comment on my experience. I sometimes wonder if those people that were looking at me were from the Flood here where I live. See, I live in Buffalo Creek WV, where the Buffalo Creek Flood Disaster happened back in 1972. I had a few family members that lost their lives here too. Ironically, I live in the same part of town that they themselves lived. I often wonder if this has something to do with it? The Flood Disaster here is plastered all over the web; look it up. Here's one site about it. If this don't work, then just (google) Buffalo Creek Flood Disaster. It will show you exactly where I live here in Lorado/ Buffalo Creek... I'd love to hear your feedback on this, and compare it to my vision. Thanks so much, really...

I have had such experiences before as a child. When I was older I realized they were just tricks of the light and shadows and other environmental stimulus combined with my psychology and the coping mechanism of projection.

This once happened to me. I am not a highly religious person, but while relaxing in my living room, I too closed my eyes and strangely enough the image of Jesus Christ appeared, as clear as day, to just starring. I opened and closed my eyes several times before the image finally disapeared. I had not looked at anything religious prior to this, as I said I really do not practice, so therefore there are no religious artifacts in my home. I would love to know what this meant, as I was a little confused about the whole episode.....