My Paranormal Gift

Hi, my name is Kathy and here is my story. I consider myself a person of sound mind. As far back as i can remember since i was a little child i could see people and hear voices that no one else could hear or see. At the time i used to think that this was perfectly normal because i would tell my mother that they were bothering me again and she would tell me don't answer them and don't listen to them, so i assumed that this was part of life and it was normal, i used to think that my mom could see and hear them. As i got older i realize that this was not something that everyone had, my grandma and my mother used to tell me that it was a gift, to be able to see and hear things that others couldn,t, i was not afraid of this when i was a child because like i said i thought this was normal, But as i got older and was able to understand better i began to be afraid. I never quite got used to it. This is something that i have kept a secret, for fear of being ridiculed, because there are people out there that will look at you funny, or they will laugh in your face or most embarassing make fun at you. So there are very few people that know about this. One of my most vivid recollection as a child was when we were living in a third floor apartment in Manhattan my uncle who is now deceased stopped over to visit i remember i was playing in the living room with my doll when  my uncle knocked on the door my mother open the door and right behind my uncle stood a tall beautiful young woman with a fancy hat and large hoop earings she was a lot taller than my uncle, anyway my uncle walked in and my mom closed the door right in the womans face so i told my mother you closed the door on that lady and my uncle said what lady, my mom open the door and there was no one there, my mom and uncle looked at each in an odd way because i kept insisting that she was there.I" had many experiences after that but i want to continue writing about the ones that were most impressive. We eventually moved from there to Brooklyn, N.Y. when i was 12 years old and i can recall on one occasion when my mother had gone to visit her sister, being the only girl and having 5 brothers the 2 older ones handicapped and 3 younger ones my job was to keep an eye on them,cook for them and keep the apt. clean.Anyhow i was in the kitchen preparing dinner and i saw a friend of my mother walking straight from the door to the kitchen and he stood there and asked me where my mom was i told him she went to visit her sister and he proceeded to tell me that it was extremely important that my mother contact him, before he dissapeared he said again to please let her know he needed to talk to her. Well that experience did frighten me a little but as soon as my mother came home i told her about it, she though that maybe this guy had died so the next day she called her sister and they called this guy but it turned out that he was fine but he told my mother that he had a message from an ex boyfriend of hers who was dying,he told her that he was asking for her and wanted to see her She went to the hospital with my aunt to see this ex boyfriend and awhile after she visited with him he passed away. I till this day have no explanation for why that happen i did not know my mothers ex boyfriend but i knew her friend who gave me the message. Like i said throughout my life i have had many experiences,When we got older everyone pretty much went their separate ways anyway one of my younger brothers met this girl and they had 3 kids together the youngest one was about 6 months old.  I went over to visit  my mom my brother was there with his girlfriend and kids, I remember holding the baby in my arms and playing with him for awhile i thought the baby was so adorable such a little angel, after the visit i went home and 2 days later i had this weird dream. In my dream there was a woman who looked like an angel and kept following me but somehow she frightenend me but all along she kept saying she had to tell me something, but in the dream i refused to listen, but no matter where i went in the dream she kept following me saying she had something to tell me, I awoke from this dream scared and shaking. Somehow thruout the day this uneasy feeling persisted. That day i received a call from my mother who was histerical crying and i could not understand what she was trying to say, but finally she regain her composure and managed to tell me that my brothers baby had died. To say the leased i was in complete shock, i was finally able to understand what the dream was about.This is something also that my mother said was a part of the gift. Another thing that happened to me was when i was about 13 years old i met this older man who was a widow i sort of adopted him as the father i never had.We became friends and he was always there for me, and even though there were those who though there was something going on between me and him , there never was. I guess he sort of adopted me as a daugther,He did have a daughter who had grown and had moved to chicago which he had not seen in a long time.He was always there thru the times i got married and had my kids.unfortunately the time came when he got sick and had to be admitted to the hospital at this point  he was in his 80s. He had told me just before he was hospitalized that the time for him to leave was near, I of course  would tell him that he was talking nonsence and that he was going to  live untill my daughthers got older because i wanted him to walk them thru the aisles when they got married, needdless to say he passed away about 2 weeks later.I had gotten home from picking up my kids at school that day and i heard the phone ringing and i knew that it was his sister  calling to give me the sad news.See during the morning while my kids were in school I saw him standing next to the rocking chair in my bedroom smiling at me.During that time of grieving I went to sleep one night and i dreamed that i was in a hospital on a guerny and the anesthesiologist put a mask on my face and i fell asleep and found myself being sucked up into a dark void it seemed like it took long having this feeling of being sucked thru a tunnel finally after what seemed like a very long time i began seing a tiny light almost like the size of a pin hole as i felt myself going towards the light i saw my friend as i got closer the light grew wider and wider as he put his arms out to reach me i put mine out to grab his, he asked "are you ready to come with me" i said no i have to get back to the kids and all of a sudden i felt myself suddenly being pulled back and i heard this whooshing noise and i awoke taking the deepest breath ever , it was as if i had stopped breathing.In my dream it seemed like it took forever going towards him and the light but coming back it took a fraction of a second.The last experience i want to write about is when i moved from New York to New Jersey. This was in 1994, i moved into a cute apartment complex in Edison.  I moved there  with my older daughter who was in her 20s my son who was in his teens and my younger daughter who at the time had just turned 4. One morning shortly after moving in my daughter and son got up early as he was going to school and she was going to work, on the stove i had a pot of rice that i had put to soak overnight, every time i cooked rice i would soak the pot till the morning so it would be easier to wash, anyway my older daughter turned the stove on to light a cigarette but must have forgot to turn the burner off in her haste to leave to work,somehow in my sleep that morning i heard a womans frantic voice yelling "wake up, wake up now"I jumped up from my sleep and to my amazement the apartment was  filling up with smoke, I dont know how long it took for the water to evaporate but the rice that was stuck on the pot was starting to burn. I quickly turned the burner off ,opened all the windows and the doors.All the time thinking if it wasn't for that voice perhaps me and my younger daughter would not be here today.This was weird because i have no idea where this voice came from.There were so many unexplainable things that happen there that i would have to say that it was one of the most active place i ever lived in, I can also say that it would take pages after pages to write about it all. In that apartment  I use to hear people talking, i'd hear my name being called,  tapping sounds on the counter which would only stop if i acknowledge the presence, things dissapearring and reappearing in the same spot, such as the incident with my wedding band.There was one time when i came into the apt.after going for a walk.I came in thru the back door which was in the kitchen turned the light on and walked into the living room , I had this tic tac toe game that was made out of plexi glass with some kind of blue liquid inside which in itself made it a little heavy, anyway i had it on the side of my stereo on the wall unit and this thing flew from there half way across the living room. There was no one in the house when i saw this game go flying i panicked and i bolted so fast out the back door , to say the lease i dont think i ever ran so fast out a door in my life. another time  i sat next to my stereo listening to some of my music tapes i was singing along to one of my favorite song and this was about 1 in the morning but i was singing softly so as not to disturb anyone when all of a sudden i saw a woman walking from the window across the living room i gasped and clutch my hand to my chest but the woman never turned to look at me she just walked to the middle of the living room and dissapeared, to this day i remember what she looked like and what she was wearing and her clothing was definitely not of this era. I was scared of living there but eventually i got used to it and so it became a part of life. With all the events that have happened and continue to happen, i could probably go on for hours, even write a book. this is the story of my paranormal gift. I hope you believe, because i know it is real. If anyone can help me shed some light on this, or even just a suggestion, please comment so i may contact you.My Paranormal Gift
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umm... im scared like insanely so right now. i was hit by a car and now... well... i can do things... i dont know what i should do.. please help me...

do children come to you

The yogic masters of India, through various practices and meditation attain to many such 'gifts'---siddhis they are called. They have access to many other realms of experience and there is a great depth of understanding of such things in various of the 'mystery schools.' One of the best books I've ever read on spiritual or mystical realms is by a yogic master named Sadhguru Vasudev from South India. Look up "Mystic's Musings" on Amazon.

Your story is amazing. I do not have your gift and I am sure you may already know that you are what they call a "medium." There are ways in which you can learn more about this gift and control it, so it happens on your terms and does not frighten you. <br />
Might I suggest one book? You can find this book at amazon. It is the story of another medium who I have had the pleasure to meet on several occasions. Her story as is most stories of psychic mediums are similar in that the gift is always apparent in childhood. You may find comfort to see her experiences were very much like your own and how she had to learn to adapt with this uncommon gift and learn how to use them.<br />
I wish you all the best!<br />
<br />
Here is the book:<br />