I See Dead People

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The 'gift' is actually being empathic or sensitive. But that is only half of why they are becoming more visible - the way particles of energy are vibrating or moving is changing allowing the veils between the different dimensions to thin, thus making them more accessible.<br />
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I have to agree, I have taken up learning about quantum physics, and Vibration in and of our universe comes into play quite often. There is a connection in our world to that of the dead, but it is hidden behind a Vail of a vibrational curtain. My belief is that children have not been locked out or have not tuned out this other world and that over time it slowly closes. The stories of monsters in the closet and under the bed where there way of telling the adults that something other worldly was in their space. Ghosts, Sprites, which ever you call them are pure energy. But on a energy level we "humans" are not yet on. Energy can change and transform into other forms, so it makes sense that when we Physically die our wave energy is released and we can pass into the "other" side of the curtain. <br />
On a personal note, I wish their was a way to learn how to change my vibrational wave pattern to be able to see the things others see. I would be glad to help those spirits find the information they need. Maybe Ill just have to wait and come back as a go between after I am gone! <br />
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Be safe

It is obvious that supernaturallady reads the sc<x>riptures and knows them, God opens the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf, to see, hear and watch and warns us to stand on holy ground at all times. You are seeing demons and they will overtake your whole spiritual and physical realm if you don't watch out! Yes, its true in the old testament the kings ruled the church and for good reason, it was a symbolism for the new testament when Christ would come and him as King will rule all nations, through his church. If you truly believed, the Holy Ghost would have revealed it to you! But because you play with demons you will never know the truth of all things till after your death, all will bow a knee, either in the physical , mortal realm, or in the spiritual, eternal realm.

Well there is a hell, sorry, but um I do not know why he mention divination. Are you calling these dead people up? Are you asking to see dead people? Are you inviting them into what spiritual realm you are in? <br />
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Honestly when I read this story, my spirit didn't say they are dead people but demons (who can form anything and trick us), I would advise you to be careful. You might think its harmless but something telling me that they are not as harmless as you believe. I already know you will not agree but I did my part and told you what I see....I have been seeing for 20 years..maybe I am wrong..not!

I agree with Zurie, though because our thoughts effect reality, hell exists as long as people believe it does...which is a true heartbreak. @SuperNaturalLady: Watch out for fear based systems or inclinations. If you have these, you may be under attack by the Dark Matrix. Just saying.

alensvik please do not feed the Christian trolls, they are insane. They want to pass judgment onto others to make themselves feel righteous. They are hypocrites. There is no hell and you should never have to worry about being punished for something you had no part in creating. If a god did truly do that to beings it so called created, it doesn't deserve any honor or praise. It deserves disdain and disgust. The domestication of the life force, the energy that is of all life into a man-like god is despicable, the Universe is infinite yet a few humans want to put restrictions on the all powerful energy of love and life into an ugly, hateful being who wants to burn anyone who isn't perfectly boring. Don't worry, you are doing the right things.

I see tings in my sleep that has saved my life, I have not asked <br />
To see these tings maybe I will go to hell maybe I won't <br />
But if I was given these dreams for a reason so when I get called<br />
by ST Peter then I will have the chance to say a few tings my self<br />
I was given dreams to see As I was given a mouth to speak

We learned earlier that Satan, as “the god of this system of things,” uses worldly governments and false religion to blind people to Bible truths. (2 Corinthians 4:4) Another important way that wicked spirits mislead men and women is through spiritism. <br />
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What is spiritism? <br />
<br />
It is the getting in touch with wicked spirits, either directly or through a human medium. Spiritism brings a person under the influence of the demons. The Bible warns us to keep free from every practice connected with spiritism.—Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:8.<br />
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Divination is a very common form of spiritism. It is the practice of trying to find out about the future, or about something unknown, with the help of unseen spirits. This is shown by what the Christian disciple Luke wrote: “A certain servant girl with a spirit, a demon of divination, met us. She used to furnish her masters with much gain by practicing the art of prediction.” The apostle Paul was able to free the girl from the power of this wicked spirit, and no longer was she able to foretell the future.—Acts 16:16-19.<br />
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Many persons are interested in spiritism because it is mysterious and strange. It fascinates them. So they become involved with witchcraft, voodooism, hypnotism, magic, astrology, Ouija boards or something else connected with spiritism. They may read books about these things, or go to movies, or watch television programs about them. They may even go to a meeting where a medium seeks to contact the spirit world. But all of this is unwise for a person who wants to serve the true God. It is also dangerous. It can lead to real trouble now. Also, God will judge and cast away from him all practicers of spiritism.—Revelation 22:15.

Did you know that when the churches were losing control over the masses that they threw out the Old Testament which includes many many many instances of pure spiritualism and tells people that it is normal to interact with spirits. They then rewrote the Bible forming the NEW TESTAMENT, using only a selection of the old books so that they could have more influence over the masses. The New Testament books were chosen specifically to alienate healers and spiritualists not because what they were doing was evil but simply because many many villagers followed these people, these healers and helpers, and the church wanted to rule ALL the people under its jurisdiction. There is nothing wrong with the bible and it and its beliefs give strength to millions of people worldwide but you need to read the history of how today's bible came about if you are going to give educated rather than emotional opinions on those that follow Spiritualism. I myself had a near death experience when I was 18 that changed my life and I dedicated my life to helping others. There is nothing evil about what I do, I do nothing but help people feel better, give them hope, and pass on messages that either they or their relatives can verify are true. Evil doesn't enter into it, I do not see how you can justify that Spiritualism is evil as it was in the old testament and God was happy for people to talk to spirit directly then. You forget, man made churches and men direct and rule them. Churches were organised and ruled by kings in the early centuries and were ALL about keeping the Kings coffers filled with gold and his stores filled with food, to do that he had to keep the peasants in a state of fear. Church teachings were designed and chosen to make the masses obey the king. God however is for all people and all faiths and doesn't rule with fear.

at times they do they all want to talk at once .lol and in different lanuage. lol can you even imagen ..lol

i can se them ony if they want me to . i have recently been at mcdonalds this week and and saw one standing there looking at me .and i have several in my house . i would need something that is something of your husband to see what i can see. no promises ok if he wants to be seen then he will. i make no promises on when and where i see them. ok <br />
love you all sorry its been awhile i have been sick n all .

Did you see them in life cereal once ? just wondering I thought I had seen something LOL by the way is the voices in your head bother you too ?

You shouldn't make fun of this stuff really you know..what are you going to feel if one day the experience happens to you? What if someone talks inside your head. Science is proving that more and more of this so called woo woo stuff seems to actually have a basis in Science and its possible in your lifetime they may prove why these things happen and that in fact they do happen. Quantum Physics is ever growing and according to quantum physics theories it actually HAS to happen. Energy from one remains forever in the universe and interacts forever with other energy..so one day it could interact with yours!

Ghosts are everywhere, and more and more people are now able to see them than ever before. The 'gift' is actually being empathic or sensitive. But that is only half of why they are becoming more visible - the way particles of energy are vibrating or moving is changing allowing the veils between the different dimensions to thin, thus making them more accessible.<br />
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Ghosts, are simply people who have died and transformed their energy from being physical or solid, back into light or universal energy. I don't believe there are good ghosts and evil ghosts...there are just ghosts whose personality in life carried over into death with them. So an angry bitter man would become an angry bitter ghost. Sometimes death brings with it release so that same angry bitter man in life, might be happy and peaceful in the afterlife. I have not encountered ghosts who are evil. I have encountered poltergeists and other entities who behave in ways that injure though.<br />
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I am no fan of Sylvia Browne, however I do respect James Van Praagh who produces the show Ghost Whisperer which is based not on himself, but on a medium named Mary Ann Winkowski. Allison Dubois is another knowledgable source on ghosts, as is Doris Stokes and Dawn Hill.<br />
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I am really saddened by the misinformation and fear that seems to be associated with the subject of ghosts. Not all ghosts want help. Some want to let their loved ones know they are ok. Some hang around because they have unfinished business here. Some are confused. Some just want acknowledgement from the living. Others don't want anything. They certainly aren't looking to us to send them to rest in peace. Some can be helped to find the light if they are confused or disoriented. But just because they can be seen does not mean they are seeking us. As I said to begin with, the particles of energy are changing in the way they are vibrating allowing more interaction between dimensions. These dimensions have always been there, just as ours has. It is only through changing physics that we are now more aware of them and our realms are overlapping.

do you ever feel presences that want you to relay messages to others?

my husband ,granchildren all have seen dead people or spirits in our home I don't see them but definatly feel them and have many strange things happen in our home, we accept it they don't really bother us, my grandson was scarred at first he had one he called scarry that use to play with his toys and he didn't want to play with him because he was scarry looking .I told him when he came around just tell him to go away that he didn't want to play... It worked he hasn't seen him in years. mt husband died 2 yrs ago of cancer and he has visited me many times, wonderful visitations mostly in my sleep. I just got on James Van Praag site he is the man that ghost whisper depicts. his site is great learn lots. god bless

I have the same problem as you the thing is there just coming to you for you to help them move on , I mean not all of them are evil but be warned there are a fiew lost evil spirits,<br />
Have you ever tried to talk to them??<br />
I have been able to see them and comunicate with them for nearly 7 years now even thow I dont want to. Its a gift and a curse. all they want is to rest in peace and they think that you can help them...I have helped about ..20.I must say it is anoying cuz you can always see them around.the thing is with me I can block them out but when im asleep they come in to my dreams and tell me or rather plead me to help them and to tell there familys that there allrite,And all sorts of stuff like combination codes and were there wills are hidden,It kinda freaks the familys but they[spirits] help you convince the familys.<br />
It is very sad but its like another job...<br />
Anyway dont worry when you see another ne just say,Im here for you if you need my help.<br />
Good luck and let the love and light of the worled gide you to eternal happyness,.Blessed be.<br />
Phoenix x

Sounds like your a Medium. Have you ever tried to ask them what they want? Have you ever heard of Slyvia Browne? She has seen dead people that started with her at a young age. She also has 2 sons and one of her sons is just like her.

Do you see them only in your house or do you see people you don't know? Do you think you could see my husband?