I Have Seen Lots of People Who...

I have seen lots of people who have passed on!

It doesnt bother me anymore as it has happened more than once!!
It does make me jump a couple of times n then i think it was my imagination but i always come round to the idea!!!

One person i see a lot of is Jamie - the lil boy who died last year! He used to attend my nursery and i often see him in different places in the nursery!
sazead sazead
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4 Responses May 30, 2007

What is it why does it happen ? i too see people, am very scared .

The scary thing is that most people have beome so numb that they DON'T see them. They are all around, and nothing to be afraid of, anymore than shadows are something to be afraid of. Mail me my friend, if you want to talk more.

Do they talk to you or ask for help?

He's harmless I'm sure

have you told anyone?