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At first I thought I was just scared. But now I know, I am crazy. I see demons. They follow me everywhere. They scare me. They tell me to do bad things. Think bad thoughts. They are ugly and mean. I was showering today and they sang satan music in my head. I tried to sing Jesus Loves Me, but they were too loud. I don't know anything. I feel suffocated. They used to go away, but now it's constant. I am 16 and I believe I have Schizophrenia. The only thing, crazy people don't know they are crazy...

xxxhatethisxxx xxxhatethisxxx 16-17, F 52 Responses Apr 16, 2008

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i have a gift to where i can speak with them an understand them..i can hurt them..just as well as they can hurt me...i can also see peoples souls how their true faces show no matter how greatly its covered...i can also control fire an have un-humanly strength when i get upset an when im at my breaking eyes turn red...i can smell everyones blood in their vanes...i have unnormal sharp canine i a demon too...or am i the border between us an demons..

I am not satanist nor fully christian but demons seem to run from me just pop up out of no where again. I do not embrace them or push them away. If you respect them, if you don't speak poorly of them they should start returning the favor.

hi have you ever seen people with black eyes fully black ?

Do not fear them....Let your soul shine!

I think I had a few experiences with demons trying to mess with my head. Once I was reading a book about exorcism called Hostage to the Devil by some ex-Catholic priest. Well, as I finished the book and closed it, I said in my head, "the devil can't touch me". A little stupid and cocky, yeah. Well, within 5 minutes I was out in the kitchen getting some food and as I was walking to go sit down, I saw in my head a weird creature outside the kitchen window staring at me and then walk away. Kind of took me aback a little bit.
Then last year on Christmas Eve I was down in the storage room getting wrapping paper and all of a sudden this little girl pops in my head and she was 5 feet behind me just staring at me, too. She had black hair, pale skin and a white nightgown on. Then disappeared from my mind. Annoying.

It appears that some people whom have never experienced such things or when they hear the word demon are quick to run to the holy word. Distress I understand what you are going through but there is hope. You are not crazy or losing your mind. These so called demons have been in exsistence since before Christ. It' s just that some people are more spiritualy sensitive then others and noooo reading the bible or just simple prayer is not enough for you, for one they will not let you pray due to them screaming in your ear not to or stop it and in a loud voice. Yes they are ugly and so hideous beyond compare. They get into your mind and tell you to do bad things that is true and the whispers never stop. Then you start to believe that you are losing your mind or are crazy due to not having any peace of mind. They also toture you in your sleep and other things as well. Some doctors are quick to label you as mental because they do not belive in this, to some it nonsense. What you have is demonic possesion and not by your own will. You need help by a person or persons who are known as warriors of God who understand and have fought against demons. Does this mean that you have to be religious? No it does not, your faith alone has kept you sane to this point. Find and seek a church or a professional of the spiritual realm that believes in exorcism against demons. They are out there.

I saw them too, they followed me everywhere and eventually tried to kill me and my family. I was in psychosis which is a mental illness and I was treated with antipsychotics which didn't help and ended up doing 27 treatments of electro shock therapy. That got me free of the hallucinations and now I steer clear of anything religious and concentrate on positive thinking and skepticism.

There is a show on TV called The Dead Files. A man and woman are a team that check out haunted places/people and help them. The man is a retired NY City Detective and the woman is a psychic that sees ghosts and can speak to them. The woman's name is Amy Allen, and she's the real deal. Look up the show and send an urgent message that you would like her help. She will be able to help you.

Oh, there is another show called Psychic Kids. You are in this age group. Chip Coffey (spelling?) meets with many young folks that see ghosts, are being bothered/scared by ghosts or other things, and is able to help them. He is another person that could really help you.

Whatever is going on is serious. First, don't do anything negative that is suggested to you. You need to speak with someone who REALLY sees ghosts (not a fake) in order to find out if you really do see what you see or if you are schizophrenic. Either way what you are going through can be dealt with. I would verify the ghost-sighting first because there are too many doctors that would just call you schizophrenic, put you on meds, and not even look into the ghost angle. If you are schizophrenic, that can be dealt with also. There are medications out there, etc. Try not to be afraid either way -- but you MUST take steps to address this issue.

Okay, sorry to be so long-winded, but I just looked down through the list of responses. There are good suggestions there. And, I agree with Jesuschrist27. God is real. He loves us. Say the Lord's Prayer, ask for protection, ask for God and Jesus to stay with you, surround you with Their love, give you peace, and keep you safe. God and Jesus will keep you safe. You can also ask Archangel Michael to come and "bring his band of brothers" to clear out your space, room, home, yard, every nook and cranny in your living spaces and take away whatever is negative forever and always in all directions of time. When you go from room to room (everywhere) leave open an outside door or window for this short period of time and ask Archangel Michael and his Band of Brothers to take out this negativity through that exit. I have done these prayers and they work. I wish you well.

Don't be afraid, you're not alone. I've seen them all my life. Since before I can remember, I've had frequent nightmares, and have never felt comfortable being alone, especially in the dark. When I was little I had an overwhelming fear that something was outside my window looking at me, and had the intention of hurting me. Since then I have realized what the something was (a demon) and have learned to take charge. Up until about a year ago I had three demons, who always watched me and influenced my life. After a summer of fun with friends, they decided I wasn't miserable enough, and raised their numbers too seven. That was a hard time.
Now I am no longer afraid and have leaned to control my demons. They do still try to hurt me and the ones I love, at times of weakness; but now I can easily put them in line. I am a Christian and have been spoken over by many prophets. Apparently I "Will do great things in life" and I believe my "vision" is a gift that will help me achieve these things. Already I have saved many friends from being possessed by demons, and have performed an exorcism. I am only 16. If You need any advise feel free to contact me. I would love to help.

Has happened to me recently. I have actually seen a demon in the flesh and since their appearance has been known my thoughts are noisier. I believe it's because of what I've uttered years ago now they're torturing my mind.

I have seen one demon in the hospital a few months ago this Is one of the many times seeing them feeling their presence I can hear when they are coming towards me to hurt me and much more
So u are not alone and You are Not CRAZY ' yes meds help it go away but soon they learn how to get to u with on meds which make the doctors just feed u more so be very careful ne'er give into them I'm fighting my own demons as we speak and let me tell u they are pissed I'm helping others get through this bc I didn't have anyone to help me know what was going on and they labeled me mentally ill I may have depression anxiety OCD post manic distress disorder and a few others but far from knowing the difference between good v.s evil intuition visions dreams are ment for a reason ' look at it as this a tool of the truth being unfolded showing u what ou really need to see rather not talk about it at all .
Blessed Be

Its only satan in your ear. You need to get on your knees pray to God ask Him to take the demon away and then after you pray then comes the faith. If you believe that God answered your prayers then the demon would go away God is more powerful then the devil

My name darryl brother darryl at house of prayer for all people I know what can help call this number and level name and number 313 978 1752

I no how you feel i had demons around me from when i could walk and been attacke when i was 3 and all most killed every ear r killed someone else its realy hear but u just have to ignore them or be like and and all out stab them with a bucher knife covd in holy water it keeps ugle *** guys away and demons (im not makeing fun just makeing the best of a bod sicuation)

i know exactly what you are going through.. <br />
ive seen demons all my life.. at first, they only appeared in dreams.. then i could hear them in my head.. they also tell me to do bad things.. before, id only see them in certain places.. but now i see them everywhere i go.. <br />
they attack me in my dreams.. and i wake up with the cuts and bruises they leave behind.. many times they've almost succeded in takin my life.. <br />
recently, they've started tormenting my boyfriend.. he now sees them in his dreams.. and he can sometimes hear them in his head.. <br />
they repeatedly tell me they're going to 'take him away from me'.. but i'm not going to let that happen..<br />
lastnight he went into a state of mind in which he does not remember,, he was freaking out , because there was something standing in my bedroom, gettin ready to attack him.. then he blacked out and fell to the floor.. i was terrified, and didn't know what to do.. i saw what he saw, but i couldn't do anything to help him..<br />
he is fine today though.. which i am very happy about.. <br />
but i hope what is happening to you doesn't turn out to be whats happening to me..<br />
many people tell me to turn to 'god'.. but i am not religious.. i do not believe in god.. but i do believe in Satan.. (i've seen what i believe is Satan.. but i've never seen 'angels' or 'god')


Thank you! You are absolutely correct. And, yes, this situation needs to be addressed right away before something really terrible happens.

You don't have to be religious to pray to God my dear' just know you are loved endlessly !!!
Blessed Be

your not crazy i promise you i saw a demon this morning and i was freaked the crap out of i want to find out why i was able to see them i believe hell and earth arent that far away and if i was able to see it why? and if i can see demons can i see angels too?

Yes you can see angels all you have to do is ask God to show you one and he will

I can see both angels &amp; demons shadow people and they are ne'er the same'

It sounds like you are under a demonic attack. I am currently going through this as well. At first I thought I was having a nervous breakdown, but other people with me have seen them as well. I also have captured images on camera. Soon as I buy a new battery, I plan to post them. Just remember, the word of God is like nails on a chalkboard to them. Read aloud Psalm 91 and most important Ephesians 6. I have also learned that they try to preoccupie you. Giving them your fear and attention makes them stronger, so try to ignore them the best you can. Ask God to wash your mind, soul, and body in the blood of Jesus Christ. The ones I started seeing take all differerent forms from cartoon like characters, shadows, clowns, and the "classic" idea of scary demons. This is very real. It is Spiritual Warfare. Look up Territorial Spirits and the provided links on Wikipedia. That's where I started my journey for information.

Amen !! I'm not religious well I believe in God in Jesus name but I just can't seem to wanna go any further into church bc of all the demonic can hit there as well
But I do know this God saved me this I know for sure !!!

And yes...drugs, especially speed opens you up to see what others don't.

Yes it can and can kill u at the same time bad choice to do so stay away from drugs

OMG i have the same problume but im 12 some times i see outlines of them but they dont talk they just stand there

Say In the blood of Jesus when you see them and God will protect you

OMG i have the same problume but im 12 some times i see outlines of them but they dont talk they just stand there

OMG i have the same problume but im 12 some times i see outlines of them but they dont talk they just stand there

The same kinda thing happens to me........ A demon follows me, and appears as my favorite animal in the night when i visit the forest behind my neighborhood....... the demon animal has as many tails as my lucky number.......... When i ask the face i saw in the shadows one day when i couldnt sleep "who are you, and what do you want?" he responded, "I am you....... I want to be free!!!"......... ever since then apparently my body gives out excesive body heat...... when outside in the winter people at school leaned against me, they sat there untill their parents came to pick them up....... When i started losing teeth, I grew sharp pointy teeth...... the more unhumanly features i grow, the more he appears......... and now i see things that seem like they dont exist. what does he mean by i want to be free? wht did he mean by "i am you"? Tommorow im bringing a friend to the forest in the night, i want to show him what im talking about....... to show im not crazy............ or am i going very insane? In my dreams i fight the evil side of myself....... But in one dream there was a girl that possessed the power to control the angry, evil, violent, and creepy side of me. I wonder if that was a sign of the future........... finally someone that can help................ I hope it happens soon. before it grows some more...................... My name is Stephen: age 14. Birthday 12/25/1996....... I wonder how many more are like us.............

Stephen you were born on Jesus birthday so that means you arr a special person when the demon told you he wants to be free that means he want you to die and take over your soul what I would like for you to do is call me

i dont believe you are insane. it is very true “crazy people do not know they are crazy” please contact me. (you are only at risk if you do the things they tell you to)

I know someone who can see demons. I hate that you have to go through that. I feel the stuff going on but I cannot see it. It feels like they are just your own thoughts but the physical and spiritual are just THAT connected that the demons appear to be just you thinking weird and seeing things. But it is apparent to many people and in the world that there is more than meets the eye here! And you may be able to see it I am just thankful that you have handled it so far. God would ONLY allow as much as you can handle and if you turn to him continuously he can switch all your heartache to joy and rejoicing. He can take all this bad and use it for good in your life and for his kingdom so just start to praise him! Don't give up and just ask people to pray for you! I went through a lot of tormenting I'm glad I couldn't see anything but I prayed and prayed but also say out loud spirit of fear I rebuke you in the name of Jesus then just relax and accept the victory as if they do not matter anymore. After a while it died down a lot for me. I was also being obedient with my diet though, God lead me to do that to help control my fears as well for instance I knew God wanted me to have less caffein and for good reason, when I had too much I was fearful and anxious! these do not help your spirit so it is a mix of obedience to God's taking care of you and he will help you and show you everything to do even if it is hard it is for our good so listen carefully to him and know that he loves you so much and wants you to know he cherishes you!

i dont think you are crazy or have Schizophrenia but i do believe the demons are bothering you. if you need help send me a message im moms253 i will help you and we will get rid of them talk to u later lisa

i see angels and demonds too. they used to leave me alone every once and a while but now they wont stop. they are seen as if like i see anyone else visible and frieghtnining. They have hurt me with burns of satanic crosses, converse with me while writting. i have seeked council in the church and with my paster and put up crosses in my roomand sing hymns but they hurt me more when i hurt them with Gods word. my parents also know and feel it is a cry for attention but know with the marks they burned into my skin they dont know what they or i sould do. you are not alone. i have done a lot of reasearch to find answers and they are all to few to find. <br />
best of luck and God bless

You got to have faith when you pray and put Gods word on them faith that they cant hurt you anymore then if you have faith that should take the fear away

Demons exist, its a curse, you may have a cursed ob<x>ject in your possession ,ask jesus, pray to him to send his angels charge over you and to guide you as what to do to rid yourself of all demons get yourself baptized then get a priest to bless your surroundings, and home. demons hate salt , get some sea salt blessed, and anytime you hear them open your bible the bible burns them if they try to attack you remember this, this worked for me. shizophrenia isnt demons singing about satan, your not crazy. your haunted.

lissen youre just lucky i told people about what is see and they where just like jeah right but i dont go to priests or something like that but i see it only when im alone is see maybe a second world i see things like demon dogs like demons it selfs and other things but nobody beliefes me help me pleaasee !!! :(

Call me

lissen youre just lucky i told people about what is see and they where just like jeah right but i dont go to priests or something like that but i see it only when im alone is see maybe a second world i see things like demon dogs like demons it selfs and other things but nobody beliefes me help me pleaasee !!! :(

lissen youre just lucky i told people about what is see and they where just like jeah right but i dont go to priests or something like that but i see it only when im alone is see maybe a second world i see things like demon dogs like demons it selfs and other things but nobody beliefes me help me pleaasee !!! :(

I am a Christian, and I firmly believe that Angels and demons are real. The Bible tells us they are. I also have Bipolar Disorder and OCD, and the medication helps that. But, it DOESN't stop the spiritual attacks that often come upon me. My suggestion would be to go to a pastor of a church, and tell them of your experience, then go from there. God is greater than anything or anyone in this universe, and He's not far away. If you're not a Believer I beg you to seek help from the clergy. IF you are, then "Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world." (1 John 4:4) God Bless and Keep you from the evil one and his minions, and I will keep you in my prayers. Help is just a prayer away, and a phone call.