I Hate This

I have been able to see demons since I was young and they always scared me. I tried telling my friends, but they thought I was lying. I know they knew I wasn't a liar about serous things, such as seeing demons. I was young and who ever I told said it was my imagination. So I gave up on trying to tell people until I found this site. I debated with myself on weather or not to join, but I did because I found this group. Well now that, that's out of the way I'll tell you why I named my title "I hate this". Whenever I start to "stop" seeing demons and finally start to feel free something always happens to make me "start" seeing them again. The reason I put quotation marks on both stop and start is because I realized that once you see them they NEVER go away. I honestly have this feeling that they love to make me think that their leaving me alone, but come back to show me that I can NEVER get away. It is why I have depression and I hate this because they make my life horrible. I barely go to sleep at night from the last nights nightmare. I know it was from the demons because I saw one in the background. I just wish that they would leave me alone, but that's wishful thinking right.
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I recently have noticed an opening to the afterlife upon a night off parting. I am 35, grew up in a catholic household and kinda strayed away from going to church, but I still believed in God. I was unluckily showed the evidence of what most don't believe to exist, which is the fact that Satan is real and his demons are here on Earth to soley try an take our souls. It is extremely important to buy a Bible and just read it. Upon obtaining and reading your Bible, your Spirit will make very evident to you the act that God does exist and prayer and faith is your protection. Don't be afraid, pray and believe in God and He will protect you. Trust me!... God bless you! I'm just trying to spread the truth. It is very important to believe!..

Hi, what happened to you that made you believe that Satan was real? ..please tell me I have so much to tell other believers. I have been alone for such a long time. There was a priest by the name of Malachi Martin who wrote a few books also a couple of radio shows with Art Bell. As far as Catholics come he's pretty close , especially the part bout "perfectly possessed".

Hi, I listened a man on youtube called Jonathan as I used to see demons also and he explains why, really helped me. His channel is Jonathanlives reconnecting to spirit.