I Use To See Demons

it started in my teens. the fist time i was waiting to see the principal and was waiting with his secretary. I looked at her and her face changed her eyes went black and her mouth went deformed. I was shocked and fear filled me and i looked away.i later convinced myself i didnt see what i thought i saw. it was several months later i was again in a waiting room an old lady sitting across from me morhed in the same way this time i held the stare for a few solid seconds to confim i was awake and not dreaming i wasnt on drugs and hallucinating this was really happeneing. i still didnt really beleive in demons but there was one staring at me and i was really scared. i spent weeks trying to process what it was i saw, were they aliens, demons , i had to idea. as time went by they would randomly appear, at this point i was sure i was losing my mind, i went into pure denial of the whole thing for about two years they would appear so infrequently that i could almost get "back to normal" then bam. just to remiond you, then one day i was prepared to stare the devil in the face for as long as i could at this point was only a split second ,like how long could you stare the devil in the face. but the one time i did i realized it was the damn floaty things in you eyes(combined with imperfect focus) that when they line up perfectly it make people eyes appear black and random other parts of the face to appear to change shape appear demon like. Even today every once in a while i see someone face change and instead of fear i laugh to myself a the fear i once felt, but i also think of other people who may not be as lucky as i was to just one day see what really was. I'm not saying this expains anything
This is no joke, or story but my own true life event

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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I hate it when that happens -_-...you try to follow it with your eyes but it moves at the same time as your eyes...it frustrates me D: