I guess my life with a demon started in 1986/1987. I was practicing witchcraft and during my "practice",I thought it would be great to have my own familiar. I did my invocation for "acquiring a demon" and it's been horrible ever since. Actually,the first few years were fine. No problems and a lot of my unpleasant paranormal experiences that had been happening since I was a very young child practically seized. It wasn't til after I had my first child that I started seeing my familiar. He was mainly around my son,unfortunately,at the time,I didn't realize that the dark,black shadow that smelled like sulphur was my familiar. The thing was so frightening to see! It sent terrible chills right thru my bones. I've never experienced the degree of fear that I felt each time I would see this...thing! I remember asking,begging my familiar to keep that thing
as far away
from my son
as he possibly
could. Little did
I know at the
time,they were
one in the
same. Not
e number of
times I saw
this thing
ceased to
nothing. Years
gone by and
over the years
the sightings
went from
nothing to
something. It
just wasn't a
dark sulphur
smelling thing
anymore. This
thing now had
a was
was beyond
anything I had
ever seen,I
couldn't begin
to describe the
s along with
this face would
be a hunched
over mangled
body with long
pointy like fingers. More than I'd like to admit that hunched thing was caught hovering not only myself at night but also my son. It would literally take the very breath from
me! From fear!
I couldn't move,I couldn't yell, I couldn't do anything I was so petrified from fear I'm ashamed to admit. It wasn't til my eldest son was in his late teens that it
was brought to
my attention
that this whole
time,over the
past 24 years
that my familiar,the one that I thought was a friend,a protector of sorts was indeed the same hunched figure,the same sulphur infested black shadow that
had the
hideous face.
My son had
known it along.
It took him quite awhile to figure out the demons actual name but he did it. If it wasn't for my eldest son my 15 yr.old son,his younger brother would've been haunted by this thing just as bad as myself and my oldest. Unfortunately,this thing hasn't given up. It still comes around my oldest from time to time and has been trying to get back into my home and into my life for quite sometime. I do hope eventually that this thing will go but until then, I still see him,still smell him,and still feel him around. The "visits" are about 3 times a week...which is definitely better than daily&nightly like it used to be.
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I think you need to establish your dominance over this creature. It has turned against you and you need to take control. Set boundaries. Or maybe banish it from your life and from your family. You had the authority to bring it into your life now you need to get rid of it or put it back into submission.

hey I totally believe u I recently made eye contact with one your description is very very similar to the one I saw. Hes not my familiar I don't practice witch craft nor im a devil worshiper, even your reaction was extremely similar to mines. I received a instant chill, constant goose bumps appearing and disappearing, tears constantly kept flowing from my eyes and the fear stuck in me for about half and hour to hour couldn't sleep. but this demon I saw I could tell he didn't want to be seen because as he tried creep by his eyes were on my the whole time. when I made contact with it. it froze in place stairing at me as I staired back in shock the moment I blinked it was gone but its energy was very strong and it lingered. I know this demon came close to me and away from me because the chill affect kicked in very strong as tears still flowed and my heart was building up some kind of anxiety. once those effects calmed down the energy went thin. im sorry for your situation and what u gotta deal with, and I wish u the best and please allow god to help u, I have to do the same, I don't know where this thing came from but I don't want to be bothered with it any more. I will pray for u as well nobody should suffer from this. please with great ergency speak (pray) to god about it. may god bless u.

I believe you. I have seen one before and your right, you get terrified at first. I saw it's body and it's eyes that glowed. I am christian now and I can tell you, there is only one way to get rid of that thing. I know, because I had to do it myself. Demons are very real. I had a friend who was into witchcraft and her dresser caught on fire, things flew around her room. One day she told me about it and I went over there and started praying over the entire house. I would plead the blood of Jesus over the entire thing and I commanded that demon to leave her house in Jesus name. Jesus name is the key. The demons hear that name and shutter because he is God. If you can't do this, because of your belief system, I would suggest you get a pastor to come into your house and pray over it. Good luck.

I thank you very much for your words of encouragement. As I'm a firm believer in religion I do not share the belief in the Christian faith. I used to be a Christian(actually raised that way) and my father in law(at the time)tried a couple of times to rid my home of that demon. It laughed at him and told him he had no authority. I'm Hindu and after that we had a Kali Puja(she's the destroyer of demons). He'll probably never stop. This goes a lot further than conjuring up a familiar at a young age. Come to find out I'm a 5th generation witch. This familiar has been in our family for generations. It's been quite interesting finding all this stuff out. I truly do thank you though and completely respect your beliefs. Be safe,take care,and Namaste,

when I was a kid I had a friend who physical seen a demon open his door and stare at him. when he was telling me his story I could see the fear in his eyes and in his voice as he was describing me this creature that was watching him. I told he that the next time you see it to tell it "I command you in the name of Jesus to leave". Weeks later he came to me and told that he seen a different demon who was bigger and scarier walk over to him in his bed. With a trembling voice he remembered what I said and repeated thoes words. he then told me that when he said that, the demons eyes widen in complete and utter fear then turned around and ran threw the wall. that was the last time he ever seen a demon. the demon that was laughing at your father in law was laughing out of fear and desperation to discourage you from casting it out. not just any one can cast out demons, you really got to have a strong foundation with Christ. my intention is not to try to convert you into Christianity but to just tell you what has worked for my friend and a few others that I know. my suggestion would be to put on Christian praise and worship music really loud so it fills the whole house, then go to each room with a boldness and command the demo to leave in the name of Jesus! do this and rub a sighn of a cross with oil on every door and wall in the house. sometimes when people use wooden crosses and nail then on the wall, the demons will knock them off the wall. I hope things get better for you, living in fear is no way to live friend.

Bhahaha!!!! I love God! As I read this very comment, listening to a Christian radio station, the song "Your great name" by natalie grant comes on. I just had to laugh because this is how amazing our God is!

I completely agree with your post, the only reason people cannot cast out demons and spirits is because of lack of foundation in Christ and it's really difficult to fight without the armor of God. I also find validity in the statement that after casting out the first, another one appeared in it's place that was larger. This is shown in Matthew 12:43-45.

Anyways, I know it's a year later, but thank you all for the testaments of delivery. God is a good God and unfortunately, not many people realize the depths of His love.

May your day be blessed!

As of late March,early April...I'm happy to report that these "things" are finally gone. We did it with the help of Hinduism and paganism. We've been at peace for a little over a month and going strong. I'm happy that you have a religion that makes you happy. Christianity isn't the answer to everything,and going by so many failed exorcisms and learning of other religions and their how's and when's,I've found that there's so much more to this world than one religion. Personally,I believe so many religions had good ideas,the message just fell through the cracks by ignorant people all over the world.

I was a Christian from the time I was born until I was in my late 20's. My fil was laughed at unfortunately because he had no clue what he was doing. I was lost "spiritually" for quite a few yrs. Then I found Hinduism and the Gods/Goddesses. If it weren't for them...I have not the faintest clue at to where we'd be at! When I was younger I was told by my own mother that I was going to hell for being able to hear and see spirits and even though I realize Christianity isn't supposed to be like that,unfortunately,most are. I've struggled with Christianity for years with this demon and another thing they know is when you truly don't believe it. No matter how much I tried I just couldn't wrap my brain around what Christianity stood for until I truly looked into it and sought out answers to my questions. I do thank you for your comment and words of encouragement,I to have all the faith in the world that my Gods/Goddesses will see us through this. Namaste,

Also,the more I truly think about and deal with this the more as it's not so much fear anymore it's sadness and guilt from what I did as a child to my own children. My children have shown so much bravery and have dove in fearlessly when this thing rears it's ugly head it's amazing! I only hope I can be as courageous as they are when needed.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. It took up until late March,early April 2014 to finally get rid of this thing and the few that had gathered beside him. As we are not Christian,we are Hindu/pagan and removed them with the help of Kali Maa,Lord Ganesh,and Lord Shiva...there are a few more as well but not of the Hindu religion. Goddess Nyx was/is an appreciated friend and allie.
We couldn't have done it without her. Thank you for your time and words. Namaste,

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