I Dont Know Anymore

I moght want to start of that all my life I've seen things others don't, heard things others don't, even felt things (both with the sence of feeling we all have, then that deep, inescapable sence of feeling that only is around with the fears deep within our subconcious) others don't. As a little kid I thought nothing of it, and when I did people would just radle it of as a childs imagination; I mean, it seems we've all had imaginary freinds at some point or another. But as I grew older they didnt go away, even becoming more common. For the past few years of ,y life I havn't been a true christan, and a few times going to other religions (wicca and buhdism to name two), and now am a practicing druid. For the past four years Ive begun to wonder if I was insain; then I heard a seminar over angles and demons and experinces one has with them. Everything I heard there and all the research I did prety much matched perfectly with what Ive been experiencing. I had been off and on for a while, defenatley not like it was when I was a kid and almost continuose. But recently I have had a ton of weird feelings, almost always when Im alone or zoned out. The weirdest hapned about a mounth ago. I was home alone, lieing on my bead reading with only a lamp on when I was taken by a suden cold and sith-sence type feeling. It didnt stop there though. When I finaly feel asleep I had an odd dream of bury faces and a wider aray of colors then I had ever seen. Then I woke up to see a skeletal creature missing the hips down; carbon black, elixer like, smoking eyes; a never moving mouth; bloody hands; then a space around it where an aura should of been. It sudenly was direcly behing me with it's skull right up to my ear and spoke the word "belial" while runing its hand down my body, but keeping it about 2 inches away from touching me. Then the next night I saw a different demon, but a demon none the less. This one was clad in a black robe that seemed to be comprised of souls. Its hands and eyes where the only visible part of it; pure silver slates for eyes and hands to slender and fingers to elongated to be human. Its fingernails where the darkest black I have ever seen, driping the flowing, birght crimson rivers that flowed down the back palms. Then recently I have had heard weird voices then seeing black clad figures with verying faces and hands, much like the last one, at night. Then during the daytime I hear the same voices but see a black-feather cloak clad figure. Then there are also these humanoid creatures with either black feather large wings, silvery wings, or golden wings.
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You need to ask God to help you only the name of Jesus can save you BE CAREFUL this is nothing to play with. Accept Jesus as Lord and you will be free......

i know exactly how you feel when i was littel i saw so many of them and i would just sit there for hours and i wouldnt move. until finally it stoped. and then recently im seeing them everywhere. a year ago i saw my first long lasting demon. it was a young girl it had blooded crusty hair. it had grayish skin, it had cuts all up its arms that looked self inflicted. it got even wierder, it had blood running down its arms in a briaded style. i didnt want it to think that i saw it so i looked away and peeked back it was closer and kepy comeing closer every time i looked away. i had to stare at it for two hours. then my dad got home. it came eyen closer and its eye sockets were empty. dad came and it was gone. about a month ago i saw a spider like demon. it was also grey but i didnt get a good look at it i was so scared i ran away.my cusin is spending the night tonight and this is when i saw the third demon, harley walked to the bathroom and i thought that she had come back byt it wasnt her, she went the wrong way. she went into the kitchen (where i saw the long lasting demon) and by what i cought of it i saw this. its body was smooth and slick like a burning wax model. and it wasnt scary until i saw its face. its hair was up in a long loose pony tail, just like my cousins and it had her face. and when i zone out the vishion i see are terrible and i cant control it.people will think im insane if i tell them i just need to talk to someone who can see the demons.

Try orgone. Fallen angel usually are quite hideous, but they don't actually need to appear to you in person. They use technology to survive, and the technology they use is astounding. They can basically take on any appearance they want. They probably don't even resemble the forms they show to you. They just use whatever form/hologram they think will make your body emit the most negative-love energy stemming from the holy spirit within your blood. When they were cast out, their bodies had to acclimate to the hateful 4th veil/dimension, so they can no longer tolerate the positive energy/love God is known for. They need your body to give off the appropriate energy turned on its head, to feed off of you. They call it "loosh".

sounds like your special dude... you should take up drawing... and draw everything you see...