I have seen demons for aslong as I can remember. I thought I was crazy, my mums family thought I was crazy. But I also see dead people and dead animals- this has been proven. So I thought maybe they are actually out there. Anyway, I got locked up in an adolescent psych ward and given anti psychotics... Which made no difference. I learned to keep what I saw to myself, until I started spending time with my astranged father and his family. My dad and half sister has the sense and they have proof that its been passed down from the past generation. I'm so glad to know, im not crazy and now have my family there to help me. They don't see demons, but they see everything else. A demon I've nicknamed Cheshire hangs around me frequently, he knows I can see him and I think he is fascinated with my ability. He is grounded to the place I live and has a big, fangy smile, just like a Cheshire cat. I don't know what he wants, but I am not afraid.
wecanburnbrighter97 wecanburnbrighter97
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Is your name John Constantine?

U shouldnt b afraid maybe he is ur gurdian spirit
: )]