Have You Seen Him?

To those of you who can see spirits or dead people. Have you seen a man named Scott Wassink? If you have please coment of message me. Thank you for your time ^^!
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I may sound foolish, but who is Scott Wassink?

Hes my Dad. Hes been dead for a little over 7 years now…

Oh, okay. Well, if he visits it will probably be his old home or your home if he used to visit you there when alive. I believe spirits usually visit a place that used to be familiar to them.

The house Im in he never lived to see…my first house(the first one I can remember) and the one he died in. We built that house. The couple that bought it, the husband died of cancer also. Weird huh? And I was like 5 or 6 when he died and Im 14(just turnded this year) so he lived with us(obviously-_-). He was the janitor at our Middle School but I was still in kindergarden when he died so I was never able to go to school at the Middle School and see him. I cant find him in the year books either D:…I think he worked there till 2001 and started working at Minster Machine after. My teachers year books go from 2002 to presant. His plaque hangs in the hallway though so Im not sure…

Do you know anyone personally that truly sees spirits, is a psychic? I would suggest speaking with someone that is genuine and they should be able to be the middle man to speak with your dad.

No I dont know any. Thanks^^!!

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