There Taking Over My Life

Frist time i seen one i was five and it was so real lookin i didnt know what was going on like all i rememder is hear someone walk up the stair but like a grown man thumping up the stairs thinking it was my step dad caming up after drinking when it got to the hall way it was sounding like something on all four so i thought it was my fat dog but this time i was to tried to care so i pull the blacket over my head and when to sleep but waking up by it as it jump on my bed and walk up next to me and pets my cheek i like who hell that then there it was a scaley and bold with pointie ears and as i scream it scream like a awful yap or scream it was 2nd scary demon i seen after i trun 16 i start to see them again but different onces and they started to take over my dreams like i feel i did something wrong or something to see them but i dont see why when i bardly do wrong i try to keep peaple happy and be good. My mum alway said i ne rewarded in heaven for helpping her but i feel scard because of the demon. But i started to hear vioces too of a x and his mate same time i started seening demon again. Is it because of tyler summer or jeff hawks or is it me? How do i handle it? How do i free myself from them? Like when am with people or have light on i dont get touch by them but still see them walk away or if i have music on i never see them but hear them near by

tailsloveheart tailsloveheart
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013