I Was 6 Years Old When I Started Seeing Spirits.

So evidently when my grandmother on my father side died something changed in my life because of a woman I barely knew. When I think about her, I remember her pretty long hair that she would braid and wrap it up in a bun, she always seem to have a bandana on or some kind of head scarf on. I remember beer and cigarettes, I never was allowed to go in the room were the grownups were drinking and etc. I remember her looking terrified before she died like it was yesterday. I remember her sadness on her eyes

We lived in a house in Argyle, Tx.

One day my mother and my father came home from vacation. I was excited they came home and I watched them walk into their bedroom. My father left back out to do something and when he went back into his room, I saw a very tall dark shadowed man standing behind him following right behind him in his room. I thought maybe it was his shawow but my heart wouldn't allow me to believe it.

One night, I was sleeping in a different room in the same house, i keep having an eery feeling like something was there. I ignored it but I couldn't help but look around the room at times or look outside the windows to see if someone was trying to break in. The moments I stayed still, I heard shuffling, like shuffling of paper or trash. When I look when I heard the noise come from, it would stop, but then one time it kept going. I left the room and slept in the living room.

I always seem to have the ability to know when something would happened or how someone felt (regardless if they were in pain or happiness or sadness and etc.), I remember I use to watch people as a child and was able to pick up things from them. At times, I just know something isn't right and sometimes today I will have to pray in order to figure it out or its revealed to me. I am about to know coverstaions between people, randomly really, its not like I can zone in and hear it, it would just come to me for some reason. I am careful to not show these things unless absolutley led to say something. It takes a lot for me to say anything or ask someone something because I do not want to be wrong about something.

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Don't worry. i was 7 when i started getting choked by the demon that i now call the creature. I grew up as a clairvoyant empath, psychic so i know what you feel. just today i went into a nursing home and passed a room where i could feel an extreme sense of death radiating from it.

Hi I have come in contact with at least three other people who have experience this same thing, in my line of work. one was a child, one a teenager and one was an adult. You have a gift! Most people don't believe that its real Im sure but it is because you have described the very exact same things that these other folks have told me about. I believe you!

The little girl was a good spirit but a bad spirit ended up attacking him later on and I will post that story. I actually have two experiences with my niece and nephew.

Thank you very much, it makes me feel better to know other people experience these things as well. Shadow people are different than Shadow demons. BUT Shadow demons do try to look like people at times. When I lived with my brother over 7 years ago. I use to always see this short Shadow that would only stay in the hall way above the stairs. (demonic spirit on stairs, sorry mental note, ignore) This spirit would go into my nieces room and then my nephew's room where I was staying with my niece at the time. I just ignored it because I didn't get any bad vibes from it. One night my nephew Elijah who was around 9 months at the time spent the night. He was sleeping in the bed with my niece and I felt that spirit in the room. I was sleeping but I was awake and I notice the spirit was a little girl, maybe 4 or younger. I didn't know what she wanted but I couldn't sleep knowing she was in there. Then I hear" Elijah, the baby" and her pointing to him. I awoke immediately and when I did, I hear my nephew gasp for air. I checked in on him and he was fine. That morning he was fine but later on he was attack by a devil. (Post this story)

Omg! wow!! I wrote a piece on here somewhere about seeing "shadow people",. Thankfully my experience was just the one encounter! <br />
All the years, i have experienced and have a great interest in the "paranormal" even "shadow people", i have never come across the term "watcher", now to me that sounds creepier than the shadow people!, is it??? thank you! <br />
Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting post my young friend! :D

Your welcome, shadow demons are not a good thing. I am not sure what is your faith but regardless you need to tell them to leave. Thank you for reading. I have seen more shadow demons since then. They are even in my home today. I tried to tell them to go and even anoint my home but I realized that they are not mines to deal with. My father has a shadow man that is always on the stair way. Its color is slightly grayish. When I first started living with my father, I noticed it and ask it to leave. It left but came back, I figure it was harmless, that is when I figured out it was a watcher. One time when I came home, it was really dark and I saw small heels and calves (maybe like a thin man), walking up the stairs but I could see anything else. It was like his feet, heels and calves was a grayish mist. I got scared and called a friend right away. Sometimes I still would feel like its there but we left each other alone. It is a watcher, and they are way different than a shadow demon, kind of like an angel. Watchers are everywhere!