God Heals

My niece was 8 months old at the time. She is so beautiful and I been with her almost all her life. When she was born, something concerned me and I prayed over her as soon as I got her into my hands. For some reason all the way up until she was 8 months old she had this bulging out of the left side of her head. Her father was so upset that he argued with my sister about her head. She leaned to the left also, she couldn't support her head, and I was scared. One night ( I was really close to the Lord too, I spent time with Him every day!), I cried unto God, my heart was very sorrowful because of the health of my niece and what would her future be like with this condition, We live in a cruel cruel world. In the midst of my sorrow it was like I got a great deal of peace overcome my whole body and mind, inside and out. The Lord told me to anoint my niece and pray over her. (Anointing oil is consecrated extra virgin oil, if not that, any oil when in a dire situation). The next night, my niece and nephew (same age but cousins) were all over me like usual and this night A. fell asleep in my room. I prayed, worship the Lord, and anointed her head where I was not happy with, (PRAISE GOD), and I believe the Lord healed her, I knew He did because He told me to do it in His name. The next day (Friday) I went to work and she was not home when I returned because she went to her fathers for the weekend. It was my sisters birthdays so we went to medieval times Saturday. A. father called my sister and told her that my niece was just sleeping all day and shes been sleeping since he got her that Friday and only get up to eat. So of course my sister asked if she had a fever and other questions to make sure she wasn't sick and she determined that she wasn't sick. She even felt like he was just trying to get her to come pick her up so I got concerned and was about to call him back but the Lord told me to let Him do His work. So I did, when my niece came home that Sunday night she looked %85 percent better and has improved to %100 percent . She is about to be 6 years old and I praise God, I love Him, He healed her. Amen!
iLightBeing iLightBeing
31-35, F
Jun 24, 2011