Just Say It

Sometimes I wonder why people just won't say it! Say what's on their hearts and mind...disregarding what other people think or say. I am not saying be disrespectful but just speak the truth.

I have the ability to know when my name is mention through another person mouth (not sure) I know when someone is talking behind my back or get an idea of what you think you know. First of all just ask me and I will tell you. Second if you have an issue with me tell me, I tell you when I have an issue, I even tell you those things I say behind your backs, sometimes I tell you when I know it hurts....big deal?

Nobody comes to me for advice unless they want the truth. I remember some people trying to put me in my place because of the way I may behaved and I say things that they think no one knows and make them cry or angry.

Yea I am flawed and a sinner but who know why I still keep a small portion of my gifts. They are only 100% when I am doing what I am told. Working on it now (not fast enough).

I had people literally curse me out because of what I said but ALWAYS came back to apologize because I was right. This one lady kept insulting me, I got so angry, I told my manager if she wasn't going to say something to her, I will and I will make her cry because I knew her heart and her mind. She was a bitter woman but I do not want to be like that.

I am working on speaking in love but no matter how much I put sugar on top, the truth hurts

It hurts me to go before God knowing my heart aint right. He sees me naked...and I can not hide from Him, but His truth is what strengthens me and my walk.

I want to encourage people to say what is on their mind. If you are not sure, pray about it and ask the Lord how to say it, sometimes it ends up blessing you and others. Be honest! You have the right to give an opinion or state a fact. If your dealing with someone who is delusional or in denial in some way, Get two more people to show this person how they are in error.

I have done things to people and said things I am not proud of. Even though most of them were respectful, I had to do mean things for people benefit. Its not mean to me but it is to other. I am not going into ministry dealing with someone who lies to me and their selves. Where am I going to get with them. If they can't say Kris, I am a drug addict, a *****, a liar, a thief, an alcoholic, or whatever...I cant mess around with them because I am all about business. Do not call me asking God for a way and you sitting down waiting to be rescued when all you have to do is walk with God to get there.

I have the right to turn away for those who are not serious about God, I got taken advantage to many times only because they wanted me around. I promise you that some of these people try to treat me like I am God so I have to draw a line.

One day I am going to post my videos on here and you will be able to see how God works with us. Amen!

iLightBeing iLightBeing
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1 Response Aug 13, 2011

Thank you so much for taking time to say that truth.