Lust War

his is all happened about a year ago ...but to give u some history on me i come from a very strong christian Home. my parents (before the divorce ) were strong with the holy spirit and brought some people out of witchcraft into the church..etc. i joined the army and began on my lustful adventure of sin..i knew it was wrong but had a stronghold so for a long time i was trapped in that lifestyle. Before when i was 13 right before my parents got a divorce i was playing a board game with my brother. I started feeling weird and the pressure around me changed..I looked up and saw a distorted black figure walking through the hallway to my parents room...years later around last year August i started feeling like i was being followed...then i had a dream.. I was wrestling a demon and i was overpowering it then it started to take me and take more control ...i tried to remember scripture but i couldn't ..i turned and there was a young woman and she was reading a bible and she read something..and the demon became weak and flew off of there anyone that this has happened to as well??? 
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Yeah, like you, God let's me see into the spiritual realm. I also see demons and angels. When I was a younger Christian I was tormented by demons. I came out of a life of *********** and ************. I struggled real hard with this stuff. Because of this, it opened a door for demons to come into my life. I got to the point where I began to compromise with sexual sin as a Christian. Because I kind of felt hopeless that I would ever defeat being in bondage to this sin. Then one night I was having a sexual dream. Then all of a sudden, I could not breathe. When I opened my eyes, this huge demon had palmed my face like a basketball. I was trying to same In the Name of Jesus, but I could not get it out. Then it finally came out and the demon ran out of the room. That night The Lord showed me that if I compromised with sin, the devil would come take my life. It was that night I decided I was going to be broken before The Lord concerning what I was going through. The Lord helped me and I got delivered from those *********** thoughts and ************. The Lord gave me a dream one night. In my dream I was saying I can't do it, I can't do it over and over. The Lord reached in my mouth and grabbed my tongue and twisted it. My body turned a whole 360 degrees until it hit the floor again. When my feet hit the floor again, I was saying I can do it, over and over. God was letting me know He was going to change what I saying in order to get the victory. And, what God showed me did come to pass!!!