Look At Me Attention Whour Disclaimer

Look At Me Attention Whours Disclaimer

Is a general disclaimer used on Meltdowns, Call Outs and Rants it takes on infinium strength if the content of the information passing ons involves drama which exists both IRL and OL simultaneously and in which you've inserted yourself into the drama without actual cause.

It releases one from any reproach of "drama" haters who don't like "drama" any attempt of a hater to deny a LAMAW their right is instantly labeled a murderer.

Attention Whours live off of drama and attention without it they will die, any attempts to calm them down, ignore them, or in away lower the levels of drama and attention is an act of homicide.

The LAMAW! Is useless in disclaimings of any logical or fact based debateryings.

The LAMAW Anthem____________

The LAMAW Motto_______________

The LAMAW Mascot_______________

The LAMAW Banner__________

LAMAW Emoticon_____________________

As always images can be used in addition to or in place of the disclaimer.

Let them know your disclaimer is totally legit by Providing a link to this post. is always wise and will render any claims of disclaimer failability pwnt.

One may also use " ?!!!!!?" inplace of "LAMAW"
And improper usage of the *'s can cause a disclaimer fail.

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4 Responses Aug 17, 2012

The chick on the beach is hot she clearly deserves her attention. It's all about worthiness. The better you look the more worthy you are. Simple, but people like you always try and complicate what God made simple for a reason. Like my brain.

I don't think it's complicated. Attention ****** live off drama ...we need to allow them free access to that drama. drama haters are just killers.


Please leave my cat out of these discussions. Thank you.

Your cat?

Not actually mine.. more like my neighbore's I take care of.

Are you talking about the cat that posted all those pix of her sluttiness? The one always trying to skype with everyone? And when people aren't interested she posts rants about them?

No.. some people rely on cohesive concepts and thought patterns to illicit a humorous response from others. I however do not feel shackled by such burdens.

That is a deranged picture btw.. that is the face of animal cruelty right there.

I think its the face of photoshop cruelty.

Free the humor!!! I agree humor shouldn't have to rely on anything!!

The better you look, the more worthy you are? Whats wrong the men on this thread??

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I hate dem ho's...and got hated for it...they needed to put a disclaimer...otherwise it sticks in my craw...I have been falsely accused of trying gain attention because of extreme openness on my part...because of my mental issues and dislike of attention ****** I have been labeled one myself..and called a hypocrite by hypocrites...everyone has a right to a meltdown or rant...unless it is fake and lies to gain attention...my dysfunctions are real and truthful and I claim my right to them. So, do not crucify me for taking sleeping pills if you also do drugs or drink. Do not say I am crazy if you are crazier. And for God sake don't throw death threats at me. The next time that happens, I'm going loco..I mean local..as in the police...<br />
<br />
***not a LAMAW!***

BTW I am not attacking anyone(well one in particular). I have left all that behind. I just hate being called an attention ho when I am against attention ho's. Using sex to get attention is the oldest trick in the book. If someone shines out with their personality or smarts, there is the real deal.

lol at the Stuart part. =P

Yeah I mentioned that in my blog before grrrr lol

Kitty I love you. There needs to be a kitty disclaimer.

&lt;====== sometimes needs LAMAW disclaimer

Exp did you srsly just ask if thereare moar pics of an attention whour?!? It's an attention whour she's posted millions I'm sure. LOL0 seconds ago

apparently copper thinks unless you are extemely attractive, you are worthless.

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lmfao! *extra forserious face* lemme noht comment on this.. wait... too late hahahaha!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Since we've buried the hatchet you can use it (or any of my disclaimers) any time. Be careful though because some people don't know what a disclaimer is, those people also don't recognize absurdity or satire... I'm sure I don't need to tell you that.

Enjoy. Have that cough checked out!

hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!!!!! *violent coughs* i blame my coughing on ummm... this bowl of dicks'n milk im eating on... excuse it hahah!

Sounds tasty

want some? boners noht included though, unfortunately =/


awwwww *hands dente tissues* i cried about it also lmfao.

tim and eric and mauh lovers.

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i hope everyone took notes

of course! =)