The Zend

Zen Disclaimer know as ZEND

** Not A Disclaimer ** <=== this is my disclaimer
The zen paradoxical disclaimer is a disclaimer of your disclaimer not being a disclaimer.

A paradox is a statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation which (if true) defies logic or reason, similar to circular reasoning. 

This mindfuck disclaimer was invented by Vivi in the year of our lawd 2012/0.

All human centipedisms are Zend.

The Zend is a Paradox therefore it works for all information passing ons while simultaneously working for no information passing ons.

It renders the user LuLzy and LuLzing at the same time.

The use of a paradoxical disclaimer is not recommended for those without huge skillz. It is beyond all previous mind fuckery and can only be used by imawizurds.

This disclaimer is sexist ... Men cannot ever use the Zen ... Any attempt is futile. Castrated men and the new kids on the block have a 33 / 0% chance of successful use of Zen.

(Srsly men do not get angry or feel bad because you cannot use the zen... Don't baawwzz to me about being left out... I don't make the rulz and you are still special and can still pee while standing up.)

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Please use your *'s and stave of diseases of the mind by linking your disclaimer here.

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Vivagalore Vivagalore
31-35, F
8 Responses Aug 18, 2012

I fort zen wuz Scouse slang fur then<br />
<br />
Timeless<br />
<br />
I lost my watch just zen<br />
<br />
I do that now & zen<br />
<br />
As zer parrot just said, "Who's a pretty boy, zen?"<br />
<br />
Mind you<br />
<br />
In zer true spirit of double entendre, zen can be Scouse for den<br />
<br />
Zer lion'z in hiz zen<br />
<br />
Daniel in zer lion'z zen<br />
<br />
A zen of thieves & robbers<br />
<br />
<br />
Must go to bed in my zen<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Always wuz a fine upstanding citi-zen

Now zen this was funny !

Dente works for the government <-----true story <br />
<br />
*Disclaimer- anything i write may be true or may not be true. I was sent by Charlie.

All hail Charlie ! All Hail Zen

Dente you blow my mind. Esthetician my ***. You worked on top secret projects for the govt. This story scared me though.

wow. How on earth did you come up with that?? Good job

she's a genius

Wait a minute.. are you calling my cat ugly! Cause he is, but still **** you for hurting his feelings. Also, you are pretty smart for a girl.


I think


I didn't understand a single bit of this. I just wanted to say this... Robert Webb is hilarious! Have you watched Peep Show with David Mitchell?

**NOT A DISCLAIMER** &lt;=== this is my disclaimer

Do you see how that statement is a paradox?

Yes I noticed. But what does that have to do with everything else? Sorry I just don't follow. My brain is functioning well below it's optimum level of processing today. It's been like that for a while now to be honest. I really need some things explained to me in layman's terms.

Sensical nonsense.

It's impossible to have a non disclaimer be a disclaimer ... It's impossible for things to be divided by zero

Human centipede also impossible.

Zen means "belief in no faith"

Zen is "belief of no faith", Zen means "to contemplate" ... It teaches that for knew one to achieve a zen state " one must learn the spiritual meaning of Zen without aid through meditation"
Belief in all things by belief in nothing ....

Ahhh... That makes sense... Why didn't you say that in the first place?

because then it wouldve not been LuLzy. are you not paying attention Scorpio? for shame!

It wasn't Lulzy to begin with EdieZen... One cannot obtain lulz from a subject matter which one can hardly comprehend, don't you think?

It was LuLzy to meh and I LULZd

I gathered that it must've been lulzy to you Dente, but as we've discussed before, your humour is a little... How can I put this? Difficult to comprehend...

Maybe you don't understand ZEN. Afterall you do peer standing up.

SEXIST!!! That's a discriminatory statement! I'm flagging this, I'm flagging this story for discrimination on gender bias, I'm flagging you. By the time I'm done, there'll be no flags left. You messed with the wrong man pal. Or is it paless? You messed with the wrong man... woman...

You use a zen disclaimer whenever your presenting this information which contradicts it's self .... By using the zend you bare no responsibility for the contradiction. Or You can use it to point out someone who has created a paradox. Like flobadine who says " being intolerant and judgmental about bigots isn't bigoted" .....that's a zend statement.

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I can't speak for anyone else obviously. But I for one am feeling Very well informed right now...

good. Sonnet took notes

Naturally. ;D