If He Were Any Dumber Id Have To Water Him Twice A Week

I only have one prejudice in me and that is towards stupid people.  This is a bit of a contradiction in me as well because I am educated but I hold little value in formal education.  I feel life learning is equally and often times even more important.  I do feel that I am more intellegent than most people I know and I feel that the average person in our society is stupid.  I do not feel I am better than them or worth a front seat in church more than them, I dont go to church so they can have the seat.  If I did I dont know maybe I would be thinking "get to the back and say your hail marys you dumb **** you don't even understand what we're talking about". 

I just don't have patience for stupid people.  I try so hard to be nice but sometimes I am transparent. 

johnwad3 johnwad3
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2006

lol that was fun!

@amayzingme: "Jungle erbonics"? Well Mr English Nazi, how about an English lesson. I hate it when people correct others' writing, but I make an exception for arrogant self-professed intellectuals who complain about poor English and go on to make a slew of obvious mistakes.<br />
1. "Hear hear"<br />
2. "I, too, am allergic"<br />
3. "coming to"<br />
4. "the English language"<br />
5. "Ebonics" (Presumably that's what you were going for. Incidentally, mini sociology lesson: the vast majority of American black youths do not actually hail from the jungle)<br />
6. "time warp"<br />
7. "their own world"<br />
Oh, and 8. "amazing me" - I'd normally assume that was deliberate but I can't tell coming from you. Wake up!

WOW Here Here!! I to am very allergic to stupid people and I worry what this world is comming to. To think that some people who have no control of the english language try to push their jungle erbonics on me. I will not tolerate it. Other people who drive as if they are in a time wrop bother me also and are so stupid move to the right lane if you want to drive 40 mph on the highway. Stupid people are so self absorbed as if they are in their on world. WAKE UP STUPID PEOPLE!!!