i realize i'm a bit brighter than the average bear ... but wow!

i'm continually surrounded it seems by people who believe they're completely cerebral and competent ... it turns out they should be sterilized!  but they certainly do not see it that way.

what i want to know is ... how'd they get that way?  is it hereditary?  did they take a blow to the head too many? 

i'm an advocate of higher education, however, i believe life provides more experience and thus, a deeper understanding.  therefore, i don't believe you have to be a college anything. 

common sense seems not so common these days and i wonder if it's always been like this or if it's a recent epidemic ... *sighs*

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When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.

... but true ... Thanks, Munchies.

sorry that was bad lol

i suppose you live in the USA

HAHA, cel! you're a nut!

El, you're are HILARIOUS but ... you speak the truth! thank you!

When you were told that in order to get into the college you got into you had to have IQ and SAT scores putting you in the top 1% of the population you probably forgot - as I did - that that literally meant that the people you hung out with were a teeny tiny minority and in fact the multitude - the "great unwashed" as I lovingly call them - stretched on for endless miles around you like an ocean. These people, I have subsequently learned, are allowed to vote, drive cars, and reproduce - often more than once! It's very serious, and something must be done. Is it too soon to revisit the "Modest Proposal" of Swift? Yours etc., El Lagarto

thank you, bro. i suspect all those rating this story lower are those with negative self image, who might consider themselves one of 'these' kind of people i speak of... when in fact they too prolly possess a few nuggest/pearls of wisdom - we all do. if only the people who were rating this story low lived where i did, they'd understand my frustration...

People have been bring the rating down...So if you even slightly respect Constant for speaking her mind, raise the rating!

Its too hard to judge intellect. Like I work with people that are 'smarter' at social things, while I am 'stupid' socially... <br />
I feel mean and confused just reading this experince...not because I disagree with most epople, but because I agree and it makes me feel guilty that I think some people are 'stupid'. I will redeem myself through kind acts and understanding.

Constant, I wasn't accusing you of making fun of intellectually handicapped, I was only giving my sister as an example of someone with what would be considered lesser intellect that has insights, not as an accusatory reference to a family member combined with hints you might have offended someone, not at all. this is the biggest problem with the web, intonation is very hard to get across. In some of my stories I probably sound nasty, and in others my voice might retain that tone for the reader even if I do not mean for it to.<br />
I agree with you! :) , Even those with their pearls can be pretty annoying.<br />
And you have plenty of pearls Constant! Your one of the only people I can receive a solid answer on topics other people consider too controversial.

still waters do tend to run deep ... like you said ... sometimes. i agree with all you stated, everything. on the note of your sister... i must be honest with you. i was not speaking of people who 'damaged' or 'disabled' in any way. i wouldn't do such a thing because i myself have suffered from neurological trauma and it changed me. it changed my abilities immensely. it slowed my thought process down, it causes confusion much easier, it has caused me great difficulty in my analytical skills, etc. but ... under all that, like your sister, i have a few pearls. i think you're right in that everyone, regardless how simple, has a couple nuggets in there somewhere. with that said ... i despise ignorance and i laugh at stupidity unless it's directly affecting me negatively - at which time i become aggrivated.

Society does not care for the simple people, instead they fail school and become nothing, or they become mimics. You know the mimics; people who seem to speak only because they know how, the conversation might as well come from a verbal dog, simple statements, and simple conversations. <br />
But then again, still waters run deep. Sometimes, but you can usually tell if it’s deep of damn shallow underneath. <br />
On that same note, my sister was brain-damaged at birth, she is much slower then her age group but looks physically normal. Ever since I can remember she has seemed like a mimic that didn’t seem to know when to repeat what, but then sometimes, she provides an insight I might never have seen myself. I think all people have some insights, even if they are mostly simple.<br />
Oh, I think it is hereditary, but also luck, the intelligence will fall inside a range of the parents, with the boundaries of possible smarts a little over the smartest and a little under the simplest, so there are restrictions... and that’s leaving out all post-conception factors like environment.

PULLEAZ! believe it or not, not everything is about you 'kidz' ... hehe ... you know i love ya. i keep ya around to balance out the stupidity factor in my life - you being one of the true cerebral types.

terribly sorry you suffered this atrocity however ... it just goes to prove i'm NOT wrong about the whole sterilization thing! lol are you positive you aren't somewhere in the midwest? we see 'those' kind quite often and somehow i've yet to become desensitized to it in 24 years of living here ... doubt i ever will.

I realize I'm a bit cranky we've had this heat wave going for over a week and since I live in the mountains I have no A/C and then there's the fire but, talk about sterilization... I stood behind a woman in Wal-Mart this morning that had 4 children say 6 and under that I doubt had been bathed in a week. She was buying at least 2 dozen Banquet fried chicken TV dinners and some "I'm a hot chick" shorts in size XXXXL and eating out of a family size bag of chips I'm guessing she was going to purchase. She would not share the chips with her children because she was busy talking on her cell phone so two were throwing fits the others were taking apart the gum display at the check out.... <br />
I switched isles... Dear Lord help to be less judgmental.......

like, yeah i know dude! like my s.o. has 2 in that category and like it's just awesome ... NOT!