Whoops, There Goes Another One!

It's almost indescribable how clueless these people are - and how amazingly they manage to pull off their existance without causing major calamity - they can't teach their kids how to think, can't drive without talking on their phones (and drive unmaneuverable, top-heavy behemoths) , refuse to obey the laws, promote simpleminded entertainment, and generally allow the lowest common denominator of choice to become the high mark of choice.

"Oh daddy, we're all DEVO!"




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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I sadly find the more someone makes, the dumber they get. If everything REALLY went to hell, they would have no clue how to exist, without paying someone off to do it for them.<br />
Then in the poorer areas I find they can do everything, because they have to find a way.<br />
<br />
So good point. I really liked this topic.

omg, people talking on their cell phones while driving make me nutsss! just yesterday, the daughter of my mom's coworker was run over crossing the street by a woman on the phone. she's ok, just a broken leg and some cuts, but still, that's such a dangerous thing that so many people do.