RE:...and They're Scary!

Sometimes I have to wonder.  When a large group of people conveniently forgets the wholesale thievery, dishonesty, and chicanery of the past eight plus years, and dumps the blame on a leader who's actually been popularly elected (rather than SELECTED...) and who has been in office less than two months -- when a large number of that large group of people seems to have unholy hatred for our visionary, progressive and compassionate new leader rather than for the crooks and criminals who have bankrupted the country and made a travesty out of most of the values that group of people claims to hold sacred -- well, I'm kind of dumbfounded.  THIS is the twenty-first century?  THESE are the people who have the ability and the power to effect global change?  Hmmm.  Well, it's good that there are a lot of us out here who believe in personal responsibility and compassion along with spiritual foundations grounded in compassion and personal responsibility.  Keep up the good work, all who pray with these ideals in mind and heart.  And we will continue to pray for, and work with all our might to counteract, those who want to live as if only their small group counts, as if everything in the rest of the world is theirs for the taking, and as if violence and mindlessness are admirable values.

jmuhjacat jmuhjacat
Mar 18, 2009