I See Faces In Patterns...

In '92 I had a neck fusion at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago.  The morning after surgery I awoke and while in the washroom with patterned wallpaper, I could suddenly see faces everywhere!  I couldn't keep up with how many I saw.  Since then I've seen them quite easily in floors, light patterns, heavy patterns, walls, wallpaper, light drapes, heavy drapes...  I have no idea what this is but I knew it has something to do with my surgery - probably the anesthesia.  As an RN, I intend to discuss this with as anesthesiologist as soon as I have the opportunity.  You see, I quite accidentally ran into this website and was just amazed that I'm not alone.  I promise to report to all of you what he/she has to say - though I'm not holding my breath.  How little the medical field knows - really.  Until then - just enjoy them and do not fear!

Karen, RN, Lowell, IN
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May 16, 2011