What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

their was a group of trees out side my bed room window that i wake up to every morning, in most cases things start w/o a hitch.. but what i see generally dictates my mood for the day, every tree limb branching out looks to be shapes of many faces, it generally starts out as a saddle out line which then turns into a defined face, on my good days my glances into the trees the faces will be very much greeting to me, on my bad days  the images are angry with much more definition. once i fireguard out the  face vs my mood they did not bother me.. but now i have moved from that home and the faces are gone. now I'm seeing silhouettes that get my juices flowing quite a bit , when i walk into a dark room a short cote becomes a image that is from rack to floor tall, this morning i see a image of a girl on my floor in my bathroom, these things that i see and pop up in the corner of my eye are becoming more frequent and more startling, its not making me crazy and its not eye boogers.. i just want to know why i see what i do... I'm 37yr-old man healthy as a horse, may by under a bit more stress then others ..other then that i see what i do and cant tell any one.... what the hell is wrong with me
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2 Responses May 6, 2012


Humans have a tendency to see faces even when there are none. This social phenomena has been dubbed Pareidolia. The best explanation I can give you is that our brain can be fooled very easily. An example of this is any books of optical illusions you have seen or heard of. In reality these books should be called brain failures, because that is what they are. In short, these things may appear to us as being real, but are just a byproduct of our easily fooled brain. You may just be overstressed; you might consider seeing a doctor if it is becoming unbearable.

There are those who may react as you say but then there are the rest of us. I'm college educated with 3 degrees - nobody's fool. I awoke from surgery with this malady. The MDs said its obviously a side effect of the anesthesia. I'll buy that. The faces are a PITA though. Wish it hadn't happened.