I See Things Overlooked

Since I was a child and I saw faces in the fake paneling on my mom's Grenada's dash, (it was the 80s that was a great car then lol)  I saw weird creatures in the grains of the bathroom door.  I've seen them everywhere, I'm one of those people that says "Hey, this chip looks like Liza Minelli!  *crunch* hahaha take THAT Liza with a Z!"  It's kind of fun, it's like looking for pictures in the clouds but I can do it looking at just about anything. 

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Wow thanks! I never really thought to look that up :)

This phenomenon is known as "pareidolia." The human brain is hardwired to assemble understandable images from random patterns. (Might've been some kind of survival mechanism from long ago when humans were prey to other creatures that camouflaged themselves.) Most common examples are people "seeing" the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast or the (in)famous "Face on Mars." The human brain is endlessly fascinating!

BlasphemousA...that's a cool idea...particularly the photos of the cracks and the title. Thanks.

that's really cool, have you ever thought of writing them down? you can compile them and call them stories from the cracks, take a picture of them. Even if you don't try to publish, I think it would be a cool keepsake thing.

I don't hear music or see faces but I do see stories...when I was a little girl I used to wake up and look at the cracks in the window shade....there were people and stories and creatures...it was a wonderful...Right now I can look at the cracks in an old leather chair here, and if I let myself, see another story.


lol not at all, That's what I was thinking when I spotted that group!