Demons And Spirits

For some reason I can see fingers of all kinds of ghost for like 2 seconds 24-7. I see demons and human ghost mostly. I rarely see one that I think is an angle. I lst all fear of the demons. if I am in a dark room I can see  demons up to 5 minutes each. they use to attack me like 2 years ago. they wold grab my foot and flip me over and fly over me and scream like a banshee and zap me with some kind of demon energy. some times if they try to tempt me with something I can actually hear there voice talking. Yesterday I decided to read a paragraph from my Scriptures (bible) and 2 of them put pressure on both sides of my head and were trying to destruct me. So i decided to read more to show them that they will make me read more if they try to stop me:) and I have a friend named Marty that has lived with us since Christmas because he dose not like his family. and since Christmas there has been at least 20 demons in my house. and now Marty does not stay here any more and now there is only like 2 demons. and my dad said he felt the vibes in the house change. I think he is cursed or something. and a few nights ago I stayed at his house and all the missing demons were there and all there faces are the same as the ones that were in my house. the demons that use to attack me are still at my house though.

22-25, M
1 Response Jun 27, 2010

That is interesting. You have a gift. You can see with your spiritual eye! I think that you should read up on your sc<x>ripture about casting out demons. Of course we have to do it in Jesus name, and we have to make an effort to live for God or else they will come in at will, but i think you have a gift. It might not seem that great because of what you have experienced but you have the ability to see what evil is before you. Therefore you will be very powerful when you learn to operate in Gods power to cast them out. There are many sc<x>riptures in the new testament and you can find some other books to read up on. They wont like it though but you are the one with the power. Not them. I can see spirits as well, but not as much as you do. I wish that i could see more. Maybe one day. I use to see many spirits around me in the night and sometimes during the day. I hope I have helped you with this message.

I just seen this 3 years latter. But yes I do hope to do this one day. Any one can learn to see and hear ghosts so if you practice what you have you will get better. Hopefully you see this, being 3 years since you posted it.