My Black Shadow .

im 15 years old and I've experience paranormal activity. one night, i was laying in bed and in front of me i saw a black shadow, look like a male figure just standing there watching me .. i thought it was just me, so i try to go reach for the light but couldn't because the " shadow " was putting force to me. i couldn't scream for help, nor move. after a few minutes later, i would be able to move and speak . it was a weird yet scary for me. after that experience I've had many several more and really isn't a good vibe. He still continues to try to over come me, i don't know what he wants from me but he comes to me during the day when im alone , in my dreams , when im in the dark by myself . he wouldn't DARE to come near me when i have my rosary on or when i have my bible under my pillow . Furthermore, i believe when i pray and tell him to leave .. he comes back stronger and more powerful then he was before. what ever this is .. i want it to stop but i cant because i have this ability to see the paranormal life .
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ive seen them too. some people say they are can do a few things you can pray to God or archangel michael for protection or in your mind picture yourself being covered in white light also a form of asking for protection. if it really is a demon though you might want to get rid of it as soon as possible, apparently the longer they stay the harder it is to get rid of them

sounds like sleep paralysis hun.