Sabrina .

there's a little girl, that's in my house. i sometimes see her and feel her vibe . I call her Sabrina but one day, i was sitting in the front of my mom's bed,doing my hair . And i felt the bed move, as if someone was jumping on the bed.. i thought it was my sister but nobody was there. I thought to myself if it was just my head messing with me but it felt so real. Also she has called my name before but i ignore her because i really don't want to be involved with the paranormal life . but I've been thinking, should i ask her "what does she want ?" or "why is she here ?" whoever reads my story, tell me what you guys think i should do ? i can really use your help and i would like to hear your opinions ! thank you .
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Sabrina....I have been able to see them my whole life. I slept with a light on till I was 12 I was so scared to sleep at night. Finally got over it and yea,I try to help them. I once had a man in my basement who was just lost and scared. His name was Carl. I had a friend of mine who knew what she was doing...come and sage my house and she taught me how to do it. It cleanses any space...and he was gone after that. I would just tell her she has passed and needs to move on. Sometimes they don't realize they have died. Its sad,but I would want someone to help if I was in the same situation. =)<br />
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