I always know when there is a ghost around. I can feel them hear them and speak to them, but I can't see them. Wich is odd because my dad can't feel them but I can. My dad's mother could too. Mabie thats where I get it from I remember a story she told me about a girl whos mother abondend her and her little brother, but she was finally saved by her dad. even though its sounds rediclous it really did happen and since I'm an empath on my mother's side this kind of combination is never good because if u get better at you empath skills then you end up feeling what they felt when they talk to you. So its very hard to talk to humans when your feeling ghost feelings.indecision and  I never know what to expect.
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Mostly every day actully. Ghosts area every where you just have to give them the time of day. I started experiencing this at the age of 7 or 8 because thats the time I got my first imagionary friend. My grandmother used to say that when you have an imaginary friend that is actually an old relitive or friend you lost that you thought of as something on tv or in a book. Because my grandmother was truthfully a registered nurse before she passed.

Wow, really. How often do you have these encounters? At what age did you start experiencing this?