The Hountings

ive been seeing ghost since i was five i think ive always seen ghost nothing happend to me tht would make me see ghost i thought i saw a little girl in the house looking at me i asked my mom who she is my mom said no one was there so i got afraid and was terrifyed of the ghost i would go sleep with my mom each night becouse the ghost was always in my room my mom started to get worried becouse she soon too noticed sighn s iof the ghost the tv would toun on and off and we moved riight away when yhat started happening when i turned 10 we moved back and i saw the ghost in the street staring at me i was not afried i knew it was a ghost i had a feeling i reconized her and then i rememberd who she was and i was going to ask her something when a car drove through her and she was gone i never saw her again i moved when i turned 12 and i do alot of mysterys of ghosts now but i always wondedr who that little girl ghost was and why she always stared at me
truevine13 truevine13
13-15, F
Jun 8, 2011